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The Queue: These races aren’t (yet) playable

Players have been begging for certain races to become playable for years now. How should they be added to the game? Vrykul and Ogres could become counterparts on the Alliance and Horde, respectively — but aren’t they a bit too large? Would you play a character that keeps getting stuck in doors? Or would you accept it if those races were made slightly smaller — perhaps Tauren-sized?

How would your Naga character wear armor without legs? Sure, we do have the Dracthyr who shun a lot of armor pieces due to their design — but that decision has not proven to be very popular with a large contingent of players. For Naga, could they perhaps turn pants into “tail armor” instead?

While we ponder these and other questions, let’s Queue, my Tuskarr-starved friends.

Know Your Lore: What information has been lost to the thousands of unrecorded years in Azeroth’s history?

One of the things that we don't really talk about enough when we talk about World of Warcraft and its lore is that there are vast swathes of history we know nothing about. Legion actually went and added a ton of lore with the Artifacts, and a result of all that lore being added is that we're much more aware of just how much we aren't aware of -- that sounds paradoxical, but it isn't.

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