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The QueueAug 8, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: You can’t fight fate

Unless it’s your destiny to fight fate, then you can’t not fight it.

My guild bopped our way through Heroic Fated Castle Nathria this week. It was just like riding a bike! Sort of. We had some trial and error, and the new Fated affixes made a couple of the fights interesting, especially the Sun King fight. Having a thing pop out that puts shields on every enemy in the encounter really messed with some of our timings. We also ran into a situation on Sire Denathrius where the new Fated creation that needs to be interrupted spawned right as we were being pulled down into the second phase of the fight.

It didn’t come with us. Turns out it can still hit you with its cast from all the way up on the top floor.

Other than that it wasn’t too bad! I like getting to see the content again in a new way for these few months while we wait for Dragonflight to come out.

While I go polish up on our boss strategies for Sanctum of Domination, it’s time for — The Queue.


The new dance master thing at the DMF is fun, but I’m going to take my time trying to get these achieves, my brain can only take so much watching and memorizing moves xD

I do appreciate that the DMF has continued to evolve through all the expansions though, it’s become quite a cool feature of the game.

It really is the perfect place to stick some little pet projects that might not gel with the rest of the world. I’m sure that when the designer behind the Darkmoon Faire roller coaster pitched it they were met with equal parts “That would be hella cool” and “how would that work in the universe.” I’m not saying that the Goblins and Gnomes couldn’t have made it, but attributing it to mad carny folk is just as good.

I’m just hoping that the next time they do a pass to add something. it’s used as an opportunity to bring in some more of the creepy Old God influence lurking on the edges of the faire. Sure we’ve beaten up most of them, but there are always more things lurking in the deeps…

Barring any additional Old Gods flavor, maybe another musical act. Add in a Goblin Mook named Kr’is’tian Na’irn who does a little DJ set for the attendees perhaps.


Q4tQ: who wants to race?

I really want Dragonriding racing to be a thing that works. There’s nothing saying that you couldn’t make your own ad hoc races to see who can get the fastest time from Valdrakken to the Ruby Life Pools, but having an official Blizzard-created race route would be neat.

Of course, there are a litany of potential tech issues that I’m sure will need to be solved first. I’m sure that anyone who has created any sort of racing game will tell you that super precise servers are a must. I just really hope that they can get us something that works nine out of ten times to make a fun experience. Bonus points if that final time doesn’t just fail, but fails spectacularly. I’m talking about “the racer winds up on Argus somehow and is transformed into a Murloc” spectacularly.

I just really love when a game that isn’t a racing game can somehow contort itself into making that work. Destiny had the Sparrow Racing League, and I’m still upset that hasn’t been brought forward into Destiny 2. Unless, of course, it has… in which case how dare you all not tell me!


I wish there was a resource somewhere that told you how rare a wild battle pet is – not in terms of the pet’s quality, but how rare it is
compared to other pets in the zone. Like, as I’m flying over, tell me “vile deathroach is like a 5% chance to spawn compared to everything
else in the Maw being 20-50%” rarity, or something.

That feels like you’d just want to mess with a rare scanner to add in rare pet id tags so if you got close it’d go off and alert you. Assuming that it didn’t also flag off of players who had that pet out. I’m not a programmer, maybe those have different pet id numbers than the wild ones.

I just know that’s what I did back in the early days of pet battling and I needed to get my hands on a Minfernal and an Unborn Val’kyr.


I just ran a Twisting Corridor with Lefty and RPJ. Just what I needed after a raid night. I hope they have another Torghast in DF.

I’m glad that there are more people out there having fun in Torghast. There are dozens of us, dozens!

That being said I’m thinking it’s unlikely we’ll see something quite like that in Dragonflight. Keeping an activity like that balanced and updated through the expansion is a lot of work, and Torghast didn’t have the best reception across the community.

I’d bet that the developers are looking at the tech underlying it to try and fit it into other things as best they can — that’s just probably coming soon™.


Does it drive anyone else absolutely bonkers that the tier 21 rogue set only comes with boots in the normal version. No boots for the other three sets. What a dumb, annoying oversight because they’re such cool sets.

Oh, most definitely.

I also find it maddening when there are most of the pieces of a tier set that are available to players of the same armor class, but not the full set. Just let my Druid look like a Demon Hunter!

Thankfully the Creation Catalyst solved your problem for the Sepulcher of the First Ones. Hopefully, Blizzard keeps a system similar going forward into the next raid tiers. As for your missing boots, maybe they’ll add the other colors into some future content as they did with the missing Icecrown Citadel plate pieces.


Q4tQ: when it comes to mount equipment, which do you think is going to be more useful in Dragonflight: water waking, immune to daze, or neither because of dragon riding?

Definitely daze protection.

I’ll take whatever time loss there is to having to ford a river, but being knocked off your mount and stuck in combat is always the most annoying thing. Of course, if you play a tank you’re already immune to being dazed so you can go ahead and put on some water shoes.

What they really need to add is some sort of equipment so that you can pick flowers, skin, or mine while riding on a mount. Then my herbalists could stop riding their Sky Golems!

Ah, the dream — the impossible dream.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Accidentally in Love

I hope you’re all fated to have a great week and to leave lots of questions for Anna’s Queue tomorrow!

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