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D&D > DiscussionAug 10, 2022 8:00 am CT

What D&D monster do you want to see in plushie form?

I’ll admit it — I have a thing for collecting plushes. Mordin and Garrus from Mass Effect hang out on a bookshelf next to Grogu from The Mandalorian. My guest room houses all sorts of spherical friends: Cerberus and Anubis, a Will-o-Wisp and a Narwhal, Mothman, and a much larger Phoenix that my nephew loves to flop on. Heck, I even have a loaf of bread (it was a gift and I adore it).

You know what I don’t have? Anything from Dungeons and Dragons. But why is this coming to mind now? Well, my friends, there’s a movie in our future, and movies (generally) mean merch.

Truly, Honor Among Thieves looked delightful. But you can bet that I sighted in on the monsters more than most else. Geek entertainment site CBR even threw together a handy list of every monster featured in the movie trailer. Picture it: cuddling your very own (not-so-)gelatinous cube without getting engulfed. You can snuggle a mimic without pseudopod lashes. Hug the owlbear — this one is actually safe.

Now, D&D merch is nothing new — models have a storied tradition with tabletop gaming. But this is a commercial enterprise that could make the fantasy universe accessible to kids while their parents roll dice with their friends across the gaming table (or over Zoom). And of course, be very popular with grown-up kids like me.

Keep in mind that I’m coming from a place of love for a treasured experience here. I don’t think you need to rush out and buy every single thing; that’d be an exercise in rampant excessive consumerism. And we can do things like order a custom plush from a small business or Etsy crafter if so inspired.

Now tell me — are you hoping for your very own beholder? How about a silver greatwyrm? What monster from the D&D universe would you pick up as a collectible plush?

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