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Discussion > WoWAug 18, 2022 8:00 am CT

Why do I need to run a ton of old raids before I can do anything else on the Dragonflight alpha?

Now, this is in no way, shape, or form anything Blizzard is responsible for. No, instead, it’s my ludicrously demented brain that just will not let me do anything else until I get some transmog farmed up. You can’t import your live characters at the moment, so while everyone else is testing out the alpha by running the new zones, I’m submitting bug reports for every single dungeon and raid I can even remotely feasibly solo at level 70 in starter Dragonflight gear. Like when Toxitron despawned during my first attempt at Heroic Blackwing Descent, as an example. Hey, a bug report is a bug report.

Now, I actually have started messing around in the various zones that we’re getting in the upcoming expansion, but I cannot even explain to you how quickly I get the shakes looking at that hideous booster armor they kit you out in when you make a new character in Dragonflight. It’s never really been my favorite — it reminds me of the original WoW PVP armor from the Horde side, but lacking all the charm of that armor. I even rolled a Mag’har Orc Warrior just because they come in a much better heritage armor set and it’s easier to make one look reasonable.

I realize that most players simply do not care about this. But it’s like having phantom ants climbing all over my body — I’ve ended up running four Warriors through every raid I can get them to just so I don’t have to look at the garbage I’m wearing. Just that helmet alone takes me right out of anything approaching focused and able to talk about my opinion of the new talents.

So, are you like me? Do you find yourself completely unable to do the ostensibly normal gameplay until you’ve gotten your battle pets all lined up, or get your professions leveled, or make sure your transmog is all set? What weird obsessions do you find yourself obeying like a Borg drone, if any?

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