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Discussion > WoWSep 1, 2022 8:00 am CT

What are you planning to test when the World of Warcraft 10.0 PTR arrives?

The World of Warcraft PTR servers for 9.2.7 went down on Wednesday this week, and that’s raised some eyebrows. Could this mean that the Dragonflight pre-patch (AKA patch 10.0) is going to be available for testing Soon™? And if so, what will that do for your plans for September?

It’s odd to think that patch 10.0 could become available for testing before Dragonflight officially moves from alpha to beta, but it makes sense due to the return of talent trees as well as the plan for the new expansion to release in 2022. Alpha (and eventually beta) players could focus on the new Dragon Isles content while PTR players work out the kinks in the new class talent trees, helping to expand the needed feedback to the development team.

Of course, none of this is guaranteed; the PTR servers could have gone down for a host of non-10.0 reasons, and this post may seem silly by the time it’s even published. Even if patch 10.0 doesn’t become testable shortly, it does stand to reason that we’ll be getting the PTR probably earlier than we expected. So when we do get the PTR, what are you planning to focus on?

The ever-evolving talent trees are an obvious concern for a lot of players, but that’s not all patch 10.0 is bringing to WoW. The dream of playable Tauren Rogues is finally coming true, and while the ability to roll a Dracthyr before the expansion officially releases is limited to those who have prepurchased, typically PTRs ignore such requirements.

What I’m most interested in checking out, however, is the traditional pre-patch event, of which no sign has yet emerged on the alpha. It’ll be interesting to see what little lore nuggets pop up in-between killing mobs for loot or currency, especially if a time skip takes place before the event.

What about you? Are you dying to get your hands on the new talent trees, or to roll a Dracthyr? Or is the customizable HUD UI something you want to play around with? Do you plan on checking out how Shadowlands works in Chromie time? Or are you not even sure you’ll spend time in the PTR but instead wait for the expansion to go live?

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