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The QueueSep 20, 2022 10:00 am CT

The Queue: Two Truths and a Lie

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’ll answer them.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and honestly it doesn’t matter what we write because the real answers are in the comments.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we hope you’d like to play a game.


Are we losing a writer or writers,which is why BW is looking for writers?

There are a lot of upcoming games, and our expertise as a staff has a few gaps we’d like to fill. Included in that is our expansion into other areas we’re passionate about, like TTRPGs, indie games, and other nerd media.

Personally, movies and TV in general doesn’t tend to be my favored form of media consumption — weirdly, it’s mostly either books or video games — so my finger is not exactly on the pulse of either the new Lord of the Rings show or the Game of Thrones spinoff, which make it tough for me to assign an article about either of those. Writers who are passionate about those niches can pitch articles instead, and though sometimes it can be tricky to edit them — not sure who decided to spell every name in GoT like that but we’re not friends — having writers who are passionate about that media and have already built the expertise to understand them makes life so much easier.

Well, you see, Mitch made this deal with Yogg-Saron, and… well, the less you know the more plausible deniability you have, you know?

As we as writers grow and change, our time to actually sit down and write that piece we promised Liz literally like six months ago kinda falls through the cracks. This response may be a slight apology for an article I pitched uh, actually I think it’s closer to nine months ago now. Oops. The more writers we have, the more likely stuff gets done — generally speaking — and the more content we have to run on a daily basis.


QftQ: Has WoW ever had mobs with vulnerability to damage types, in addition to immunity?

Like a fire elemental taking extra damage from a cold attack or vice versa.

I’m pretty sure not, but kind of curious if we knew.

No. That would be really OP and unfair to players who don’t have that damage type, especially in the open world. I do think that a vulnerability, where the mob would take increased damage in the case you’re using X school, but normal damage otherwise, would generally be okay. Of course, if I make that supposition, a Holy Nova Priest will just roll through and wipe out camps instantly in order to loot some random rare thing and make bank, so it’s still unfair.

Yes. In BWL, certain trash mobs would have vulnerabilities to specific damage types. The larger Dragonkin just after the suppression room. It was always fun to watch the Mages suddenly explode up the DPS charts, and then get turned into goo with a single axe swing when they pulled aggro almost instantly.

Sort of. Certain mobs won’t have full vulnerability, but will take one damage every time they’re hit with a specific magic class.


QftQ: Do you miss old spell and ability animations? I mess around classic lately and can’t not notice how much I love those simpler animations. I get bummed when I log back to live and see the new ones for some reason. They are quality animations, but I loved when more of them used the race specific ones.

Yes. There’s something to be said for simplicity, and the degree of particle effects present in current spells is kind of annoying. I mean, it looks nice when I’m soloing and all, but even in a five man it can get visually overwhelming, to say nothing of my poor little overtaxed GPU.

No. The old animations were cruddy and largely seemed like afterthoughts — sometimes literally. Remember when a Paladin spell was the entire Sunwell? Besides, if I’m feeling nostalgic I can just go take Classic for a spin real quick.

No. Of course I need more glitter and glitter effects. Have we met? Are you new?


Question for the Queue: What’s your go to game, when you just need something mindless to play and still gets you that endorphin rush of successful play?

7 Days To Die. Sometimes you just need to shooty gun kersplode zambie. The first dozen or so levels are a little tooth-and-nail, but once you start getting 4+ points into Pummel Pete and Sexual Tyrannosaurus, and a decent enough baseball bat, you can take on just about anything other than bears or a serious Blood Moon horde.

Cloud Gardens. Sometimes you just need really chill music in a liminal space. Watching the plants grow and forming the environments around them is definitely more satisfying in some levels than others, but it’s a very chill, relaxing experience. Serenity now.

Overwatch. Sometimes you just need to have five random strangers all vaguely pissed at you for reasons none of you fully understand.

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