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The QueueOct 12, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: When you’ve made it, won’t you tell me what to do?

I make playlists on YouTube sometimes. Sometimes they have videos about a character from Destiny 2 set to the song I want to listen to and so I learn that said character is dead, so I then end up on a Wiki dive to figure out who they were and why they died.

Anyway, yeah, Cayde-6 seems like he was kind of cool. I never played much Destiny 2 so I don’t really get the full impact. Still, it’s a pretty good death sequence, and Nolan North does a good job stepping into a character for his goodbye.

I sometimes fear that I’ll wake up and Nolan North will be doing my voice because that will almost certainly mean that I’m about to die cinematically.


So Facebook memories reminded me I got into the Hearthstone beta 9 years ago.

Which means it’s been 9 years since I’ve played that game.

I don’t even have a Facebook account anymore and it still finds ways to remind me that I’m terribly old and will soon die.

It’s almost impressive.


Q4tQ: With Dracthyr now on the scene, who do you think would win a barehanded fight. I’m going with Dracthy in their dragon form. Super powerful jaws, fangs, claws, tail, and lightening fast lizard reflects. I think Worgen would be next. I’m not sure how well Pandas would do. Everyone else is getting their butt kicked!

Tauren have a heft advantage — they’re bigger and stronger than just about any other playable race, and big herbivores are often stronger than the carnivorous beings that hunt them. The Cape Buffalo, for example, is often called “The Black Death” and “The Widowmaker” because it kills fools. Even without claws or fangs, I’d be willing to put money on both the Shu’Halo of Thunder Bluff and the Highmountain in a hand to hand fight. Dracthyr have a lot of advantages, but they’re spindly.

Draenei and Lightforged Draenei are also thick muscled and have hooves, but aren’t as big as Tauren. But Draenei have a baked in self heal and Lightforged Draenei can just call the Light down to blow things up, so they’re in the running. Likewise, Orcs and Mag’har Orcs are smaller than Tauren but have the ability to enter into rages or tap into the power of their ancestors, so they’re a good option as well. Trolls are Trolls, never bet against them.

Similarly, there are reasons to bet on Night Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, and it’s really hard to confidently say Forsaken wouldn’t win a fistfight because as dead things it’s hard to imagine they’d care how bad the beating they were taking was. Ultimately, though, I’m going with Tauren. I keep remembering that scene where Sylvanas — who we later see fighting Saurfang — realized that if she made Baine angry he could snap the bones in her arms with a simple squeeze of his hand.

Baine’s big even for one of the Shu’Halo, of course, but it’s still something to keep in mind.


Oh jeez, only two weeks of S4 left. They’re really not giving me time to breathe this cycle

It’s a contrast to previous expansions and everyone being so exhausted with the current content, at least.


With it being likely that we will have a 4 week pre-patch, how do we think the pre-patch event will play out?

Here’s my guess:

Week 1: First narrative quests, repeatable invasion events start immediately
Week 2: New narrative quest, Dracthyr Evokers become playable for people who have pre-purchased the expansion. Invasion events increase in frequency
Week 3: New narrative quest, invasion events increase to maximum frequency
Week 4: Final narrative quest.

I do think it’s important to have the event start as soon as the patch drops. Give people the maximum amount of time to grind any grindy parts, as well as ensure players who hit max level on a new character will be able to smoothly transition to new content instead of awkwardly having to go to Shadowlands despite outleveling it. This is doubly true for Dracthyr since canonically they wouldn’t even be around during the events of Shadowlands.

Ion Hazzikostas has said that it’ll be two weeks.

If what he said during that interview holds true — keeping in mind it dates back to April and things change and we know it’ll be around a month between the pre-patch and Dragonflight drops — then I’d expect Dracthyr Evokers to be available to players who pre-ordered as soon as the Pre-Patch drop, possibly after completing the intro quest chain.

Otherwise I’d expect everything you listed in four weeks to unfold in two instead, possibly as the expansion gets closer. If they decide to go with a four week event your timeline seems plausible.

Oh, why can’t you let it go?Like a bird in the snowThis is no place to build your home

Have a good day, everyone. We’re streaming the Blizzard Watch podcast tonight at 10pm Central, so come hang out and keep us company please.

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