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The QueueOct 17, 2022 11:59 am CT

The Queue: Matthew walked in the door, unaware that the music had become driving and relentless

One of the things about playing video games is, they often have soundtracks. Sometimes, I really wish I had something like a soundtrack in my day to day life. just so I’d know when I was about to enter a boss encounter or what have you. Like, I’d be pushing along a cart at the local Superstore and then suddenly a bunch of singers started doing that faux-Latin and the drums pick up so yeah, I’d be ready for werewolves.

Not that I’ve seen werewolves at the Superstore yet. But I’d like to be warned if it ever happens.


Late Q4tQ: you can make one new WoW mount, but it has to be something that already exists in the game. What’s yours?

Mine would either be a flying shark or a Darkmoon Faire ogre – I’m kind of surprised we don’t have a mount that’s just an ogre carrying you around by now.

This guy.

He owes me.


Hey the Lions didn’t lose today! o/

However, the unarmed Christians didn’t fare as well, and the Emperor declined to spare the survivors.

Yes, I responded with a Roman Empire Coliseum joke.


Honestly, the more ridiculously over-the-top reactions I see to modern lore, the more I’m convinced the quality of the story and lore hasn’t actually changed that much since the early days of Warcraft, it’s just a lot of people are much less forgiving because the story direction was highly controversial.

People accuse Danuser and co of ‘hating warcraft’ with their dragon ‘retcons’ but I don’t remember anyone ever saying that when Metzen ‘forgot’ how Sargeras met the Eredar.

I remember.

The weird thing is that, at least from my ancient perspective, the Warcraft fan base has always been like this. There are some great people in the community, a lot of kindness and empathy and yet, there are always these weird moments when we get something like 1600 people posting on the forums that having playable Draenei is a slap in the face to the lore, or what have you.

I mean, I actually got death threats back in the WoW Insider days because I disagreed with a community hotshot (he ran a site that hosted a lot of podcasts) about the lore and he sic’ed his followers on me. They even started attacking my wife. All over the story of World of Warcraft. This was before 2010.

So yeah, I don’t think it’s changed a lot. People have always gone ballistic over the game’s lore, or the way their favorite class plays, or what have you. Sometimes I think it’s because we’re all very anxious about life and the future but thinking about those topics is so terrifying that we don’t want to, so instead we vent all of those emotions on something safe like whether or not Deathwing went down too easily.


Got the Necrolords and Night Fae mail sets and campaigns done today on shaman and mechahunter respectively. Then to work on Night Fae plate*, with my Draenei fury warrior.

Will probably level the velfmonk next as Bastion; this’ll only be the second time I do the Bastion campaign.

Honestly I kind of found the Night Fae plate gear underwhelming and I was playing a Night Elf at the time. But to each their own, and I hope you enjoy it.

Necrolord kind of works for me even though it’s like the album cover to a Manowar greatest hits collection.


Q4tQ: how long would it take someone to run around the sun?

Considering the temperature of the corona hits 2 million degrees F (that’s around 1.1 million C for the rest of the world) and the actual surface of the sun averages 5.5 thousand C (that’s 10,000 F for our American friends) I’d say that any attempt to run around the sun — any sun, not just Earth’s — would be exceedingly short.

Earth’s sun is 1,392,000 km in diameter, so assuming you have some kind of temperature protection that can stand up to 1.1 million degrees Celsius, and assuming that whoever you put in the heat shield could move as fast as Usain Bolt but without slowing down or tiring until they finished a solar run, it would take them over 31000 hours to run around the sun. That’s three and a half Earth orbits.

And remember, that’s assuming they can maintain the top speed of the fastest human alive indefinitely without stopping for food, sleep, or anything for that entire period of time. In other words, it’s way shorter than it would actually take anyone. I think a top average speed of 5 km/h is far more likely, especially with all the logistical difficulties of getting things like food and water and breathable air to the runner through the millions of degrees of heat. At that speed, it would take almost 32 Earth orbits to make the trip.

I’m saying orbits instead of years because technically, if you’re running around the sun, you’re kind of turning yourself into a solar satellite and therefore however long it takes is a year to you, but that’s just nitpicking.

So yeah, it turns out you probably shouldn’t touch that, if it’s anything like the actual sun it’s really hot.

Take it easy y’all, Cory says hi.

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