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Discussion > WoWNov 30, 2022 9:15 am CT

What’s your favorite small detail in Dragonflight?

Having finally managed to get logged in and play some Dragonflight, one of my favorite things in the expansion so far is all the dialogue available while talking to NPCs, whether they be major figures like Wrathion or Alexstrasza or minor figures like the inn keeper at the embassy who will, if asked, explain to you why there are so many ruined buildings there. Spoiler alert: It’s because the place has been basically in stasis for almost 10,000 years. And the little moment of respect between the Alliance and Horde military who are both there to defend the expedition felt really nice, a necessary bit between them.

Another thing I really like about the leveling experience so far is the return of bonus objectives. I honestly don’t remember if Shadowlands had them — I certainly don’t feel like it had this many of them — regardless, the ones in Dragonflight feel very organic, as they’re almost always places you were going anyway and doing things that you would have likely wanted to do on your way. And of course the side quests where you rescue a baby duck in a bubble from a Murloc encampment or save tiny whelps from crazed elemental giants are also pretty great.

Ultimately, it feels like a lot of care and attention has been paid to small details in Dragonflight, and they manage to amuse and surprise me every time. Standing there to listen to the heads of the Explorer’s League and the Reliquary banter about their love for knowledge and ancient lore vs. adventure, embarrassing the Drakonid who’s never seen anyone from outside the Dragon Isles before, even accidentally ragging a Lava Snail and realizing you made an oopsy, it all feels very interconnected and realized.

So now I turn to y’all with the question — what little detail(s) have you noticed in Dragonflight that immediately struck you, that you liked and wanted to interact with? What’s your favorite moment — not a big cinematic reveal or a huge story beat, but just a little detail that helped make the story breathe for you?

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