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The QueueDec 1, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Dwelling in Frostfire

C’mon Mitch, DF obviously stands for Dwelling in Frostfire!

Now that it’s December it’s time to get out my festive holiday decorations and really make this Garrison feel like a home. Sure I may not spend much time back in my garrison anymore, but I still like checking in to make sure that the decorations go up, and my followers don’t miss me too much.

While I try and figure out if I can get a tree with more spikes on it, it’s time for — The Queue.


Q4tQ: what’s a class ability that most people forget about but that you remember to use?

On my mage, it’s spellsteal. I used it in the Ruby Life Pools today to yoink a ton of damage shields off of mobs, and I’ve used it constantly in the past to take buffs off of enemies that I couldn’t interrupt. But I’ve never heard any other mage talk about using it.

Oh all of them, because I’m an excellent bear — he said humbly.

I was about to be super humble and say that I’m not really sure, maybe something like Stampeding Roar or Soothe. Then I remembered what it really is. I never see other bears using Remove Corruption. Having another class that can remove curses can be really good at making your healers like you!

Of course, it’s not just other bears, lots of non-healers need to remember that they can remove debuffs! Lookin’ at you Mages…


Q4TQ: how the heck is it possible for Wrathion to have never heard of Sabellian? Didn’t he have this whole thing where he’d hunt down every last black dragon in existence? Wouldn’t there be any records, any other dragon or — considering how many people crossed the Dark Portal and went to Outland during Illidan’s reign, or those who followed Kael’thas, or the Draenei, etc. — anyone, really, who’d have had some contact with Sabellian in the past, or at least heard about him, and wouldn’t Wrathion’s enormous network of agents and spies have learned about them?

(Alternatively: is Wrathion as crappy at gathering intelligence as Shaw?)

I’m going to go with Sabellian is just the world’s best hide-and-seek player. But like all great hide-and-seek players, eventually, you get bored of hiding and want to be found.

In all likelihood, I think that Wrathion was just super arrogant and probably didn’t realise that Sabellian could actually remove the corruption in the Black flight so he didn’t pay him any attention.


Wife made a giant pot of chili for dinner.

WITH beans, as God intended!

How giant we talkin?

Do you have enough to share with the rest of the Queue?


Just shy of 64 and my first death of the expansion. However, it doesn’t count. Wrathion dropped me during a quest.

Wrathion dropped me too! I think he’s been getting into the fried Swog legs again and his claws must be covered in grease.

I could’ve used my Druid Wild Charge to hop and save myself from dying, but I thought it was supposed to happen so now I have another em-bear-assing death from falling on my Druid.

Right after that, I did get to flex my tanky-ness to collect some lost explorer packs hidden next to all of the elites in the area. Sure I did have my Splintered Heart of A’lar go off once — but that’s what it’s there for!


2 Gold dragon races. Happy about that.

Heck yes!

Those Gold Dragon races can be tough! I’ve done them over and over again trying to shave off the last third of a second that somehow always seems to be there when I finish the race. I think the Bronze dragon timekeeper must have it out for me.


Q4tQ and or Podcast: Is the “Dragonflight” ability the new “player housing” feature of this new expansion? It feels like it will be soon mastered and there won’t be many content based on it, maybe more races. What else can they do to expand this feature?

Well aside from the additional cosmetics that are likely to be coming… I bet that by the end of the expansion we have ways to make our dragons look like the rest of the Primal Proto-drakes. Collect the whole set and you can summon Captain Planet!

They could add additional abilities that require vigor. Maybe some jousting-style things so that we can have dragon jousting matches! Additional dragon chassis to add more cosmetics around. Just expanding the system into the rest of the world would be a big step for it. It already feels weird to be somewhere that doesn’t have it, especially since the tech obviously works in the old world with Dracthyr!

Once the rest of the zones get it think of how many more dragon races we could get!

I’d also like to see some dual-seater mounts so that we can have a passenger ride along with us, and launch attacks at stuff around us. Like in Mario Kart: Double Dash!

Today’s Anna Liz Earworm™: Dreams

RIP Christine McVie

Have a great Thursday everybody! I hope you’ve been stopping to smell the roses as you travel around the Dragon Isles. Don’t forget to leave lots of questions for Liz tomorrow so she doesn’t fire me for mentioning chili in the Queue.

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