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The QueueDec 13, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Last Minute?

It would appear that, once again, my inability to keep track of what day it is at any given time has really come back to bite me in the butt. How are Rubix cubes this expensive? How is Rutherford going to use one without thumbs, anyway?

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions, and we’ll get around to answering just as soon as we finish this one last Amazon order.


Did Disqus change its look?

The only possible explanation is that the Cory and Liz Queue swap, didn’t just mess with how time feels in our heads. No, it actually ripped a hole in the space/time continuum, and now this is evidence that time travelers are trying to fix it. This is an artifact, a slight, shifting butterfly effect.

Really, rjagoda pointed out the patch notes for Disqus, if you’re so inclined. It seems like all they changed was the appearance. Apparently rounded rectangles are, like, so hot right now.


QftQ: What would be your main’s favorite meal in WoW?

Some kind of meat she and her bear hunted together, field dressed and skewered, roasted over a fire, with a small amount of spice. The spice blend varies based on her travels — the best flavor pairings for the meat of the animals she’s currently hunting, not spices from where she currently is — and she keeps it in several small, very tightly wrapped packets inside her vest. She’s all about roughing it and the great outdoors, but in some cases that extra af Blood Elf energy just comes out. You cannot have roasted Swoglet without a light pinch of Ancient Pandaren Spices. Well, you could, I suppose, but what’s the point in eating anything at all, then?

Rutherford takes his plain, though he does like a good char. He does not like baby spice.


Q4tQ: what long-lost items would you like to see in the new Trading Post feature?

I’m hoping for the Naxxramas proto-drakes from WotLK, which were removed when the Ulduar patch hit – if I remember right, it was thought earning them would be too easy, and the devs later said they regretted the decision. >_< But I like those designs. I’d also like to see the Chromatic Sword, because rainbow sword.

And I would love to see the Grove Warden become available, because it means more of the game’s first moose mount for anyone who missed it.

Honestly, just… everything? Is everything too broad a category?

I’ve always felt like the FOMO aspect of WoW, even the stuff which is purely cosmetic like mounts, should always be available in some way. Maybe in a rotation, like the Trading Post seems like it will adopt, or the holiday-based items, so you’ll have to keep an eye out.

It always seemed kind of weird to me that if you didn’t do a thing in like, 2009, you’re completely shut off from a specific thing forever, no matter how cool or prestigious it was at the time. Make it costly, or make it a tricky puzzle or lengthy questline to keep it aspirational, but I don’t think I’ll ever get behind taking random stuff away in perpetuity.

Specific things I’d like to see include the Shards of Atiesh, because I still have 26 of them in my bank from 2007 and I’d love to finish that thing after literally 15 years. This is a little outside the scope, perhaps, but I’d love to be able to transmog the yellow sunglasses despite the time of year. Also, more sunglasses?


I know that person

We usually keep an eye on the World First race, for a number of reasons. These players blow through content so quickly that it can frequently give us material for a post — why are they stocking up on random consumable X for boss Y, for instance, or especially since Mythic is releasing the same time as a normal raid, there’s a lot the RWF can show us in terms of the stumbling blocks your raid group will come up against. I’m usually not actively rooting for a specific team or player, it’s just something in the background to pay attention to as we go. Some random guild finally got through the roadblock boss? ok, cool. that’s fun! Good for them.

But! This go around Liz is doing commentary for BDGG! And though we will all do our best to uphold our sterling record of journalistic objectivity, I will privately be hoping that BDGG gets a bunch of World Firsts, specifically during Liz’s shift, and I’ll be trying my level best to stay awake for them. It seems maybe a little weird or patronizing to say I’m so proud of her and happy for her accomplishments, but I’m going to say it anyway.

You know, privately. Within my heart. To avoid displaying bias. I am, after all, both a serious journalist and good at my job. (GOOOO LIZ AND BDGG!) ahem.

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