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The QueueDec 21, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Blizzard Watches for Blizzard Watchers here at Blizzard Watch

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year — the time of year when we get our most site traffic ever, as confused and windowless souls seek an answer to, “blizard watch right now?”

…Okay, that may not be entirely true, but it IS the fun time of year when our site name becomes a little more confusing for the world. But that’s neither here nor there. What IS here and there is this:

The Queue.


So there I was, running HoV, as one does, and I noticed….. we kill the unnamed mobs who are just standing around eating and drinking, and various wildlife, but Odyn’s named helpers don’t die, because it’s a “trial.” What’s the deal, ODYN?

Look, there are only so many ways we can say this, so I’ll say it how autocorrect might say it: Odyn is a real ducking dock.

That’s it. That’s the answer. Frankly, I hope we’re getting Trial in Season 1 as a reminder of how awful Odyn can be so that when he shows up as a (the?) major boss of Dragonflight, we can all have a blast beating the snot out of him.


Is it possible to put together a “dwarf mountaineer” transmog set, with the green hood? Thinking about making a dwarf during the holiday and would like the look.

I don’t have a specific answer here, but Wowhead is usually pretty good about listing what items (if available) NPCs are wearing. While the Ironforge Mountaineer page doesn’t have every item listed (notably, the green hood you mentioned), it does at least have a solid amount of their armor listed under “Outift.” There are also a few comments there mentioning sets that do the job (though I’m not sure if all the items are 100% available anymore).

Lastly, it’s been a minute, but I had an addon back in the day I’d use to put together transmog articles back in… oh, Yogg… Warlords. It worked really nicely for finding armor pieces based on color. It’s obviously been a minute, so I’m not actually sure what its name was/is or if it still exists, but transmog addons are worth checking out if you ever really wanna put together a set!


This may seem like a strange question but…I finished the campaign on my main. That opened up WQs for my alts. I also got at least Renown 10 on my alts, which means they will get faster Renown.
My question: is there any reason I need to finish the campaign on alts? It seems I could largely level by simply doing WQs and a few dungeons.

For a little while at launch, the campaign was needed to unlock Spark of Ingenuity creation — but that was adjusted pretty quickly and isn’t needed!

At the moment, I’d say the answer is that you can skip the campaign until you notice something doesn’t add up — then you report the bug and hope it gets fixed :P But I believe Blizzard has every intention of letting you skip on alts, and if there’s something impeding that, they’ll probably want to fix it.


Why do Queue writers always ask for questions at the last minute?

Because when we don’t, we end up with really short Queues :’)

But for real, there are a couple parts to it:

  • By nature, The Queue (ideally) functions in such a way that enough questions will have accumulated by evening. Because of this, it often makes more sense to just… wait.
  • Life is busy! Trust me, I want to write The Queue at night so I’m not worrying about it before work. But it just doesn’t work that way all the time.
  • We don’t want to have to ask. This ties into the first one, but again… the goal here is that we don’t need to ask.
  • For a long while there, we’d get a solid amount of questions early in the day, then the discussions would trail off by evening — but we’d still have those early questions to work off. That’s changed a bit over time but I’m still kind of stuck in that mindset of hoping questions were frontloaded, so I don’t always remember to ask for things until I go to write and see, no, we don’t have early questions.

So, while these are the holidays and things are admittedly slower… I think all of the writers would appreciate 2023 resolutions including asking more questions, earlier 😉

That’s today’s Queue! I hope you all have wonderful holidays, regardless of how you spend them! And don’t forget to send a little warmth to your fellow Watchers 💜

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