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Discussion > WoWDec 22, 2022 8:00 am CT

What do you always forget to do in your games?

I have run a few Mythic+, and I’ve collected a chunk of Valor, which can be used to upgrade gear in Dragonflight. I mention this because without fail I utterly forget to use it to do exactly that. I mean, I know I’m running the Mythic + dungeons, I have a couple of pieces of loot from them I could try and upgrade — and yet, for some reason, I almost never remember to do this.

Similarly I’m sitting 0n two 70s who could run LFR, and yet, for whatever reason, I simply have not done so. I don’t know why that is. I actually keep meaning to do it and then I get distracted and end up doing crafting or flying around the Dragon Isles doing a race or two or otherwise utterly distracting myself. I don’t know how I manage to forget to queue up until after I’ve logged off for the night but it happens like clockwork.

Note that this isn’t the same as refusing to do things — I hate Fishing in video games, especially but not limited to World of Warcraft, and if a game makes it even slightly optional I will go to great efforts to not even think about doing it. I loathe fishing like a pestilence that endangers the lives of all humanity. So there’s that, and then there’s my ability to just completely forget things I really intended to do. Dragonbane Keep? I can get on a mount, fly to the Obsidian Citadel, and then completely forget I ever intended to do that and instead fly around mining for an hour. And it’s not like I don’t enjoy it when I remember to do it.

So what about you all? Is there anything you intended to do but just seem to find yourself not doing? Do you keep meaning to do PVP but always end up healing a dungeon instead? What do you keep tripping yourself up on the way to doing it?

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