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WoWJan 30, 2023 5:10 pm CT

How to collect rare Dragonflight profession recipes by fishing up Draconic Recipe in a Bottle

Fishing in Ohn'ahran Plains

Do you try and collect every recipe for your professions? Then I hope you like fishing, because one of the main sources of rare recipes in Dragonflight is the Draconic Recipe in a Bottle, a blue quality item obtained through fishing or fishing-related activities. The bottles themselves are rare, and each bottle contains a single random recipe (including recipes from professions you don’t have). That means it may take quite a lot of fishing to get the recipes you want. (Fortunately, you’ll probably max out your reputation with the Iskaara Tuskarr as you go, since many fishing-related quests give Tuskarr Renown or require Tuskarr Renown to unlock.)

But if fishing in-game doesn’t float your boat, you can buy these recipes on the Auction House… or sell them on the Auction House to make a mountain of gold.

Ready to get fishing? Let’s run down exactly how to collect Draconic Recipe in a Bottle and what you might find inside.

How to get Draconic Recipe in a Bottle

Fish just about anywhere in the Dragon Isles

The bottles can be fished up with Dragon Isles fishing, though there’s no clear information as to whether the drop rate is better in pools or open water fishing. The bottle has around a 0.2% base chance to drop, and increasing your Perception increases the drop rate of rare fishing items — and thus bottles. You can expect to fish up plenty of other useful items as you go, including the Iskaaran Fishing Gear Materials used to craft Iskaaran fishing nets and harpoons.

You can increase your perception with Draconium Fisherfriend or Khaz’gorite Fisherfriend fishing profession tools, Aquadynamic Fish Attractor (which can be bought from most fishing trainers), or Crystalline Phial of Perception (which are made by Alchemists).

Join lunker raids and harpoon lunkers

While progressing your Iskaara Tuskarr reputation you’ve probably started making (and upgrading) fishing tools including fishing nets and harpoons. The main use of harpoons is to catch lunkers, a special type of oversized fish that can be speared and pulled ashore to be looted for fish and other random items, which can include bottles.

There are two main ways of summoning a lunker. The most reliable way is to throw in a batch of five Ominous Conches (obtained via fishing and fishing quests) at a Large Lunker Sighting. The Sightings are marked with a carved whale tail and they’re located near the daily fishing quests: one is always under the aqueduct between Ruby Life Pools and Valdrakkan, the other rotates around through the other three primary zones. Summoning lunkers by using conches will trigger a Massive or Gigantic Thresher, and has a chance to summon a fishing miniboss mob. The other way to summon a lunker is to loot an Ominous Conch while fishing or looting a lunker out in the world. The lunkers summoned by looting a conch is a small lunker and don’t include rare drops in the item drop table.

You’ll probably want at least a couple of people to help you harpoon lunkers, as it takes some effort to haul them out of the water. Lunker raid groups are a great way to farm up lunkers for Coins of the Isles and to find some recipes along the way. If you check out the group finder, you will frequently see groups for lunker farming — open Group Finder > Premade Groups > Custom and search for lunker. Join a group and show up with your stack of conches to get help pulling the massive fish ashore.

The etiquette of lunker farming is to only use the harpoons to pull the fish ashore. If you attack the mobs it restricts the loot table to the normal world cap of 5 people, but if you use the harpoon everyone gets loot. As most people are trying to farm up coins, it will make you very unpopular if you kill fish from range. There’s a debate in the community whether looting a lunker pulled ashore has a higher drop rate of rare items, but as yet it it unconfirmed.

The Draconic Recipe in a Bottle can be looted from Massive Threshers or Gigantic Threshers at around a 0.2% drop rate.

Opening fishing treasures

The other place you can find these elusive bottles are in fishing-adjacent treasures.

If you’re fishing up Coins of the Isles while working on the Otto Mount, you will already know about The Great Swog, an oversized froggy vendor in Ohn’ahran Plains who trades coins for bags of sweet, sweet loot… which can contain bottles! And there are special Tuskarr treasures to be found, too. Here are the treasures that can contain bottles:

  • Weighted Sac of Swog Treasures: costs one Silver Coin of the Isles, and bottles have a 45% drop rate
  • Immaculate Sac of Swog Treasures: costs one Gold Coin of the Isles, and bottles have a 38% drop rate
  • Tuskarr Tackleboxes: requires Renown level 28 with the Tuskarr, and they’re located everywhere along waterways. Once you unlock them you will be overwhelmed with how common they are. They contain Draconic Recipe in a Bottle items and Coins of the Isles at around the same rate as fishing from Dragon Isles fishing pools.

What recipes do the bottles contain?

Alchemy Recipes

Blacksmithing Plans

Cooking Recipes 

Engineering Schematics

Inscription Schematics

Jewelcrafting Designs

Tailoring Patterns

The Great Swog standing on a pile of coins

The Great Swog wants to give you more recipes

In addition to the recipes contained in the Recipe in a Bottle, there are certain recipes that are obtained from The Great Swog from his Immaculate Sac. These are rare recipes due to them both needing a random drop to get the currency to buy them and then random luck to loot the recipe from the purchased item. These recipes are also not soulbound and can be bought or sold on the auction House.

Engineering Schematics

Inscription Schematics

Happy fishing!

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