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DiscussionFeb 7, 2023 8:00 am CT

What specific piece of loot are you chasing and how long have you been chasing it?

Everyone has a piece of loot they set their sights on. Sometimes, that loot eludes them for extended periods of time — in World of Warcraft, I’m chasing the Reins of the Emerald Drake. I want to pair all of my characters with a different color drake mount and the only one that does not have an appropriate dragon mount is my main Night Elf Druid. Considering the Druids’ relationship with the Emerald Dream, pairing my main with the Emerald Drake seems like the perfect fit.

 The Emerald Drake is a reward from completing the achievement, Awake the Drakes, which necessitates the acquisition of other drakes from various sources through the game. What is stopping me from getting the Emerald Drake? A pair of blue drakes — the Reins of the Azure Drake and the Reins of the Blue Drake — with notoriously low chances of dropping as rewards from the Eye of Eternity.

I have run the Eye of Eternity just about every week for over 4 years now and these mounts will not drop. Week after week, alt after alt, those dark-blue dragons refuse to appear. I am not sure how many times I need kill Malygos before Alexstrasza’s Gift decides to bless me with either mount but I am going to continue to try.

This isn’t even the piece of loot that has eluded me the longest — that honor belongs to the Black Hammer, the premier sniper rifle from Destiny year one, which I’ve wanted since 2014. This sniper had a low drop rate from a singular encounter, the final boss of the Crota’s End raid. It was highly sought after because, despite having only three rounds per magazine, it was brazenly overpowered — each bullet could breaks shields, hit like a truck, and, if all three shots landed as precision (or crits) hits, then the weapon immediately refunded those shots without taking from magazine reserves.

I tried to get this weapon to drop over the years and it just plain won’t. Though it was nerfed in to oblivion in 2015 and then brought back in a less powerful form in 2017, I’ll still occasionally jump in to Destiny and run some of the raids for fun and, though I’m not as active in my pursuit of Black Hammer, it still hasn’t dropped after all this time.

Do you have any specific pieces of loot that you’re chasing? What is it? How long have you been chasing it?

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