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Discussion > WoWFeb 17, 2023 8:00 am CT

What are your dream changes for Mythic+ Affixes in Dragonflight?

In every WoW expansion, I’ve tried to find some content or another to push as far as I can. In most expansions, this has meant raids are my endgame focus — I haven’t ever really been a “full Mythic clear” kind of person, but I made a lot of effort to at least get Ahead of the Curve for any given raid tier. In Dragonflight, my focus has shifted more than ever to Mythic+ dungeons and trying to earn Keystone Hero before the end of the season.

Now, I’ve definitely pushed dungeon content before; earning Gold in Mists of Pandaria’s Challenge Modes was the first real taste I had of it, and I had a blast! But this is still the most concentrated I’ve been on the dungeon grind, which means I’m also noticing more and more how the endgame progression path for dungeons involves… a whole lot of movement.

Yes, Dragonflight Season 1 — whether anecdotally or genuinely — feels like the Mythic+ season that asks you to move, and then move, and then move again. From Explosive to Thundering to everything enemies can do that already forces you to move, it’s starting to feel less like Affixes affect routing and CC strategy and more like they just serve to stop you from ever standing in one place for too long. It’s gotten to the point where plenty of Mythic+ players are feeling the desire for something different.

Some folks are asking to outright remove Affixes altogether — which, personally, I think we can find a more fun alternative — while others are suggested more dungeon-specific Affixes that are tailored to that dungeon’s enemies, bosses, and layout. And still some seem to just want a slight change; the removal of Thundering, Tyrannical, and/or Fortified would satisfy them (at least in the short term).

Me? I like the idea of dungeon-specific Affixes or changes. It would be more work on the development side of things, but it would mean Affixes emphasize change beyond movement, while the dungeon level itself is where a majority of the scaling comes into play. But I know it’s never as simple as I want, nor am I the only one with an opinion on these things. So I turn to you, dear readers.

What major changes would you like to see to Mythic+ Affixes in Dragonflight (and beyond)? How would you make it so they don’t just boil down to making you move all the time?

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