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WoWFeb 17, 2023 7:00 am CT

How to upgrade your Mythic+ gear with Valor in Dragonflight

Mythic+ dungeons are one of the best ways to gear up in WoW Dragonflight because they offer reasonably high ilevel gear and that gear is upgradeable with Valor Points. If you run enough Mythic+ — even if you’re just dabbling at a low level rather than pushing high-end keys — you’ll collect Valor as you go and be able to upgrade gear. And of course better gear will help you succeed on higher Mythic+ keys, rise up the PVP ranks, or conquer all of the bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates raid.

And because you don’t have to do much more than run Mythic+ to snag these upgrades, it’s worth investigating no matter how casual or how serious you are at pushing keys. Even without much in the way of Mythic rating — more on this in a moment — you can upgrade gear to ilevel 392, putting it around the same level as normal Vault of the Incarnates. That’s a pretty good deal if you’re working on gearing up.

So let’s rundown how you get Valor and how you can spend Valor in Dragonflight.

How to earn Valor Points in Dragonflight

Gaining Valor is very simple: just run a Mythic+ dungeon and complete it and you’ll earn 135 Valor. It doesn’t matter how high the keystone is or whether you beat the timer — all you have to do is complete the dungeon. If anyone in the group earns Mythic+ rating, you’ll get an additional 65 Valor.

That makes running low-level keys a very efficient way of earning Valor, but if you want to keep the upgrades coming you’ll also want to increase your Mythic+ rating. Running higher keys and beating the timer will help improve your rating, so if you plan to upgrade your gear with Valor, you’ll probably want to do a little of both.

Since the Valor cap was recently removed, you can now earn as much Valor as you’d like, making Valor a great way to catch up on gearing. You can check how much Valor you have by opening your character pane (default hotkey C) and navigating to the currency tab on the far right. You’ll find Valor listed under “Dungeon and Raid” towards the top, and mousing over the Valor icon will tell you how much you’ve earned.

We don’t yet know when Dragonflight Season 2 will start, but when it does you can expect a new Valor cap of 1500, which will go up by 750 each week. Later in the Season, it’s likely the Valor cap will be removed just like it was in Season 1.

How to upgrade items with Valor in Dragonflight

When you have some Valor and a piece of Mythic+ gear to upgrade — be mindful that you can only upgrade gear from Mythic+ with Valor — you need to visit Corxian in the Gladiator’s Refuge in the Obsidian Enclave area in Valdrakken. (Note that Corxian can also upgrade PVP gear as well, but this costs Honor rather than Valor.) You’ll find Corxian on the far side of the room, opposite the entrance and next to Glamora the Elite Conquest Quartermaster.

Talk to Corxian and an upgrade window will pop up. Drag the piece of gear you want to upgrade into the window, then select how far you want to upgrade it. The menu will show you how much upgrading to the desired level will cost.

Different types of items have different upgrade costs:

  • Off-hands, shields, rings, cloaks, bracers, necks cost 250 Valor per upgrade
  • Shoulders, gloves, trinkets, boots, belts cost 400 Valor per upgrade
  • Helms, chests, legs cost 475 Valor per upgrade
  • One-handed agility and strength weapons cost 500 Valor per upgrade
  • One-handed intellect weapons cost 750 Valor per upgrade
  • Two-handed weapons cost 1,000 Valor per upgrade

Items from Mythic+1 dungeons are considered level 1, and can be upgraded all the way to level 13 (i.e. gear equivalent to a Mythic+13 dungeon). You can upgrade all the way to level 6 without any Mythic+ rating, which makes it easily accessible even if you don’t push high level keys.

What ilevel gear can I upgrade to with Valor?

While early upgrades (level 1 through 6) don’t require anything beyond Valor, higher level upgrades require you to have a specific Mythic+ rating as well as the necessary Valor. To see your current Mythic+ rating, open the Group Finder (default hotkey G) and navigate to the Mythic+ Dungeons tab on the far right.

That pane will tell you the Mythic+ Affixes for the week, your current Mythic+ rating, and which Mythic+ dungeons you’ve completed at which level this Season. Completing higher level Mythic+ dungeons and beating the timer will improve your overall score and (eventually) unlock higher ilevel upgrades.

Here are the item levels for each upgrade, as well as rating requirements:

  • Level 1: ilevel 376
  • Level 2: ilevel 379
  • Level 3: ilevel 382
  • Level 4: ilevel 385
  • Level 5: ilevel 389
  • Level 6: ilevel 392
  • Level 7: ilevel 395, requires 600 Mythic+ Rating
  • Level 8: ilevel 398, requires 1,000 Mythic+ Rating
  • Level 9: ilevel 402, requires 1,000 Mythic+ Rating
  • Level 10: ilevel 405, requires 1,400 Mythic+ Rating
  • Level 11: ilevel 408, requires 1,700 Mythic+ Rating
  • Level 12: ilevel 411, requires 2,000 Mythic+ Rating
  • Level 13: ilevel 415, requires 2,400 Mythic+ Rating

As I said, upgrading your Mythic+ gear with Valor is pretty simple. Just run Mythic+ dungeons, get loot, and take that loot to Corxian to upgrade it with the Valor you earned from running those same dungeons. And as you get better at clearing harder Mythic+, your rating will improve and you can get even better upgrades, keeping your older Mythic+ gear competitive even if you’re unlucky with loot drops.

Originally published January 10, 2023; updated February 17, 2023

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