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The QueueFeb 28, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: JOHN CENA

Huh, weird.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we give you the answers. Assuming we can see them, anyway.


don’t do anything in WoW tomorrow
don’t do anything in WoW tomorrow

This is a timely reminder from staffer Kal that the timeline this week is a little wibbly-wobbly. Namely, the weekly reset happens today, but then the Trading Post will reset tomorrow on March 1. Obviously, if you have a set raid group with a raid time Tuesday evening, you should probably (probably?) still attend, but if you’re a lone wolf who can choose to run LFR or the Weekly World Boss today or tomorrow without much difference, you might want to put it off til tomorrow to min-max your transmog.

Also of note, Darkmoon Faire hits on Sunday, so you may want to put off some of your Renown and other reputation weeklies this week, too. Like I said, it’s kind of a weird one.

Also, in that vein, if you haven’t bought your stuff off the Trading Post for February, or you haven’t stuck something into the deep freeze for March, make sure you do that before tomorrow!


QftQ: Is there a weapon type you just don’t like any of the appearances of, or significantly fewer than most?

For me? Staves. The traditional ones are boring, and the rest are ugly.

Guns, for more or less the same reason. I feel like bows and crossbows have a decent visual curve from the early game simplicity through some slight ornamentation to the completely over the top. Guns seem to have either the old school long rifle style or a few muskets, and then extra af with no good options in the middle ground.

On the flip side, fist weapons seem to be similar, but maybe I just like what they’ve done with the over the top options more, because I love them.


Qft HSBG-ers – Should Corpse Refiner’s Avenge effect (Avenge 4 – Increase its sale value by 1 gold) be buffed to Avenge 3?

Its a middling minion, as befits its two star rank, but the Avenge effect rarely gets the opportunity to activate until you have full board.

If you get the Corpse Refiner as a ‘meh, may as well’ on turn 4-6 and then Bob hands you nothing but Elementals and Dragons, the Refiner seems real lackluster. But if you have a few minions who are Reborn or have a Summon Deathrattle — the Scallywag, a whole bunch of the early game Undead, or even a few of the right Mechs or Beasts — you can ramp your Corpse Refiner into a whole lot of gold really fast, and in a way which can help you pivot later. Unless I already have a board that supports it like that, I don’t usually choose the Refiner. I definitely never choose the Refiner past turn 7 or 8 unless I have a strong Hogger build and I’m just cycling Pirates for it.

That’s kinda the nature of Battlegrounds — do the stars align for you or not? And if not, do you have the versatility to pivot quickly enough to counter your opponents?

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