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WoWMar 9, 2023 6:30 pm CT

All the rewards from the Zskera Vaults in patch 10.0.7

Not long after you set foot on the Forbidden Reach in Dragonflight‘s patch 10.0.7, you’ll be introduced to the Zskera Vaults — home to a variety of treasures that Neltharion stashed away beneath the earth, with the keys scattered all over the Reach for us to uncover. The Dragonscale Expedition is eager to help you get through those locked doors, but what awaits you on the other side? Treasures, obviously, but what kind?

The bulk of what you’ll find inside the Vault’s treasure chests are Neltharion Gift Tokens. These can be exchanged for gifts at the Prototype Tinker-Tron inside the Vaults, who will promptly give you a gift in exchange for each token. Much like the Blingtrons we’re familiar with, most of what the Prototype Tinker-Tron has to give you is garbage-quality items, suitable only for selling.

Some of the treasures inside are toys. If you’ve ever wanted to assemble your own draconic fan club, you can do so using Holoviewer: The Scarlet Queen, Holoviewer: The Lady of Dreams, and Holoviewer: The Timeless One. As expected, these summon holographic models of Alexstrasza, Ysera, and Nozdormu, tinted in their associated colors. Why isn’t there one of Malygos or Neltharion? I guess no one ever got them to sit still long enough for a holo-portrait. (More realistically, neither of them has a high-definition model of their visage forms, so it’s just these three for now.)

If you’re a pet collector, you’ll also be interested in exploring the Vaults. The Zskera Vaults can contain a Gilded Mechafrog, the spiny red fish Patos, or crystalline porcupine Kobaldt. There’s also a weekly quest called Primordial Answers that yields a tiny mossy mammoth buddy named Bunbo; to finish this and get him, you’ll need to find four primordial stones inside the Vaults.

Probably the most enticing prize for many people, however, will be Primordial Stones, items that let you customize and power up a ring you’ll obtain early in your questing in the Vaults, the Onyx Annulet. This ring initially has no secondary stats and three empty Primordial Sockets. You’ll be able to find Primordial Stones inside the vault with all kinds of effects, ranging from stacking mana regeneration to lighting your enemies on fire and plenty more; there are currently 24 known Primordial Stones. Facilities in Morqut Village will let you unsocket Primordial Stones from your ring, break down ones you don’t want into raw materials; those raw materials can be used by Jewelcrafters (using a new recipe, Unstable Elementium) to power up the Stones you do like to as high as item level 424, which will in turn raise the item level of your Annulet. You can also use the broken-down Primordial Stone pieces — called Dormant Primordial Fragments — and condensed magic (such as Condensed Arcane Magic), which drops from events on the reach, to try and obtain other Primordial Stones. It takes 10 Fragments to either try to craft a new stone, or to upgrade an existing stone, so you’ll want to be diving the Vaults frequently for Primordial Stones if you’re looking to maximize and fine-tune the power of your Onyx Annulet.

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