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The QueueMar 13, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: A wolf riding a three headed wolf with flaming wings

I feel like this is self evident and doesn’t really need me to explain it.


I’ve enjoyed the cycling of existing dungeons into the mythic season as its added more variety in challenges and aesthetics to the rotations. One thing I’m looking forward to is them starting to include some of the dungeons from vanilla/cataclysm. Of those era of dungeons, which ones do you think would make for good mythics?

Original Sunken Temple.

I would be willing to pay a fair amount to watch a livestream of players trying to push a +15 key inside Mythic+ Sunken Temple.

Honestly I miss all the older versions of the dungeons from original World of Warcraft that we’ve lost over the years, like Upper Blackrock Spire, the original Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance and even ones like Shadowfang Keep. I would love it if one Mythic+ rotation was all the original versions of dungeons we don’t have in game any more.


With 10.1 announced and on it’s way there are so many things to be excited about. How often should we have wellness checks for @MatthewRossi as they endeavor to collect every tint of this new sword?

It would probably be a good idea to set up a rotating watch.


And will he beat his record from the drop with his name in Pandaria?

Too soon, man. Too soon.


Was fantasising about an evoker tank spec and I think the most unique thing they could do is essentially a summon tank/ranged tank

Using earth powers ,you summon an immobile earth elemental to attack your enemy. Your skills are based around ordering it to perform its own abilities, but since it’s immobile itself you still need to position your own character and use a specific ability that makes it relocate to your current position.

That way you’re sort of tanking at a distance, funnelling your aggro into this giant stone dude, but positioning still matters and you still have control over your pet, but it acts like sort of an astral focus in your character’s place – unless it dies, at which point all aggro comes back to you.

While I can see reasons people would have a problem with this idea, I really like it. Heck, I could see it repurposed as a Warlock spec. Remember those Infernals that Prince Malchezaar dropped on the raid back in Kara? They were pretty much exactly this — motionless and doing damaging AoE forcing the raid to react to them while Malchezaar held aggro on us.

Honestly, I’d love to see more range tanks. I really wish that Hunters and Mages had tank specs, because man, half the time on my Hunter I have Growl turned off and I still see my pet pulling aggro on tanks which is very annoying and I kind of wish I could just pet tank the whole freaking dungeon.

Heck, another Evoker idea that comes to mind is literally to evoke something else — imagine if they could call an Aspect of Dragonkind that essentially formed an aura around them, kind of like Metamorphosis but make it somewhat transparent so you cold see the Evoker casting inside it. But I personally would love to see your idea.


Dragons look weird when you realize that they’re just six-limbed freaks of nature.

I mean, snakes have managed to drop down to no limbs and they’re doing fine, it’s feasible that some species out there (that isn’t an arthropod, which tend to just have whatever random amount of limbs was popular when they evolved like limb trendsters) could eventually grow an extra pair of limbs. I mean, it’s never happened in the entire history of tetrapod life forms, but Azeroth isn’t like our mundane day to day existence — there are various animals like Basilisks and Crocolisks with more limbs.

On the other hand, Dragons may actually have seven limbs, depending on how much they use their tails — if an animal can use its tail to make powerful attacks on anything close enough, does that make the tail count as a limb?

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. See y’all later, and ask Anna some fun questions in the comments please. I feel bad I don’t have an earworm for y’all but I’ve been listening to the Doom Eternal soundtrack all night and I’m not sure I’d consider The Only Thing They Fear Is You to be an earworm, exactly. I do like it, though.

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