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Discussion > WoWMar 14, 2023 8:00 am CT

What class specialization would you like to see added in World of Warcraft?

The Diablo 4 early access beta starts this weekend — don’t get scammed — and I’m excited to get my first shot at the Rogue class. As a Hunter main in Dragonflight (ok, and previous expansions) I’m a big fan of archer classes, and the ability to switch into melee mode is pretty nice for a game where you don’t always want to stay at ranged.

Of course, Rogues in World of Warcraft used to be able to wield bows, and a ranged Rogue spec has been a popular request ever since the ability was removed. While one can emulate the experience with the right transmog and a “lone wolf” Marksman Hunter build, it’s not the same as being a sniper in the shadows dealing out death from a distance. To be honest, while I’d hate the competition for ranged weapon drops, this would be a way to get me playing a Rogue alt in Warcraft.

While I would enjoy a ranged Rogue, that’s not the desired class spec at the top of my wishlist; that would be the late lamented sword-and-board Gladiator Stance for Warriors. There are some great shield models in WoW and so few reasons to show them off. Sure, Paladin or Warrior tank is there, but there should be a DPS option where you actually get to use the shield to damage your foe — Elemental Shaman doesn’t quite work for this. While I still play my Warriors pretty regularly (my second level 70 was a Warrior), I’d play them a lot more if I could wield a shield when doing DPS. While I’m dreaming, a one-handed spear model would be fantastic too. Of course, it’d be great if Paladins could go sword-and-board as well, but there isn’t the history with the DPS playstyle as there is for Warriors.

What do you think? What new class specialization would you like to see added? Do you want to see Demon Hunters and Evokers get a third spec? Would you like to see the return of gladiator stance or ranged Survival for Hunters? Or are you happy with the current offerings and prefer the developers concentrate on balancing them?

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