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How long can you sit in one place and game before you start to feel uncomfortable?

Look, I’m old. I find it somewhat painful to sit down in one place for longer than an hour without getting up, stretching, getting a snack and/or a drink, messing around online, and what have you. So I have to ask — are you the kind of player who can sit down to power level in World of Warcraft or a Diablo game and just spend six hours in the blink of an eye? Does your attention wander like mine does? Are you also beset by the cursed needs of the flesh that demand you use the bathroom, or ingest sustenance into your mortal body like Tyrael in Diablo 3?

If so I hope you don’t do what he did and try and eat all the day’s food up front until your stomach hurts because that’s not good for you. Learn from Tyrael’s mistakes.

During the Diablo 4 beta weekend I found myself desperately longing for a legitimate pause button, something the game does not possess. I mean, neither do most games I play that have an online component, but I really could have used one in Diablo 4. I’m so accustomed to having one in D3 that I kept opening up my inventory, wandering off, and coming back to a dead character. Sometimes I feel like always-online games and I have aged away from each other — it’s really an issue and I guess I’ll be portaling back to town a lot.

So I’ll ask you guys — are you down for 12-hour game stretches? Have you, too, felt the fragile meat and blood and bones of your cursed humanity getting in the way of gaming as much as you’d like to? Just how long can you sit in one place?

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