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WoWApr 3, 2023 3:30 pm CT

How to get Zskera Vault Keys in patch 10.0.7

One of the most-hyped repeatable activities in patch 10.0.7 is the Zskera Vaults in the post-storm Forbidden Reach, a veritable trove of buried treasures left behind by Neltharion for us to uncover — once we find some keys, of course. But how do you get those keys? Turns out there are quite a few sources after the first few free ones.

  • The first keys are free. The quests that introduce you to the Zskera Vaults to begin with — a short four-quest chain starting with Helping Hand and Claw and ending with The Keys You Need — will give you six keys to start with. Just enough to get you hooked!
  • Rare Elites on the Forbidden Reach. The Forbidden Reach has sixteen Rare Elite enemies for you to find and hunt. The drop rate for keys from Rares isn’t 100%, but it’s definitely a fairly reliable way to rack up some keys for the week. They’ll also drop Elemental Overflow, which can be turned into keys in a couple of different ways.
  • Sack of Oddities from the Dragonscale Expedition. In the past, when there were Primal Storm events, you got a currency for defeating enemies called Elemental Overflow, which was mostly only useful for catchup gear. In 10.0.7, that currency now drops from practically everything on the Forbidden Reach, the Dragonscale Expedition adds a new item you can buy with this: 2000 Elemental Overflow will net you a Sack of Oddities, which has a very high chance of yielding 1-3 Zskera Vault Keys. Buy it from Cataloger Daela on the Forbidden Reach.
  • Forgotten Reach “sealed scroll” treasure maps. Occasionally you’ll find a drop while killing enemies on the Forgotten Reach, such as Sealed Fish Scroll or Sealed Knowledge Scroll, that will mark an X on your map where a treasure can be found, like Mysterious Writings. (It is also possible to buy a Reliquary scroll from the Dragonscale Expedition vendor for 2000 Elemental Overflow that will cause these treasures to appear on your minimap for an hour, so then you don’t even have to rely on random drops.) When you go back to Morqut Village with these treasures, check the inventory of the Renown vendors — these items are actually currencies, which will let you buy a chest of supplies from that vendor. These will contain a number of Dragon Isles supplies and a reputation token for that faction, but also have a very good chance to contain a Zskera Vaults Key.
  • Chasing down the Treasure Goblin–er, Loot Specialist. Those acquisition specialists from the Venture Company are at it again. Sometimes on the Forbidden Reach you’ll find a goggle-clad goblin called the Loot Specialist, who will run away from you when you engage him and eventually teleport away. If you manage to take him out before that happens, he can yield some great treasures, including hundreds of Elemental Overflow, gear, and Zskera Vault Keys.
  • Forbidden Hoard treasure chests. There are special treasure chests on the Forbidden Reach called Forbidden Hoards. These are tricky to get to — there’s only one up at a time, they’re on a 20 minute spawn timer, they only stay up for 10 minutes once they do spawn, and they’re guarded by elite mobs. All this difficulty, though, will be worth it when you get your hands on more sweet Zskera Vault Keys from these chests.
  • Weekly quests. Sometimes quests will be available like A Brew for the Ages, in which you hunt down 15 pages of a recipe of a legendary ale brewed by Neltharion himself inside the Vaults. It’s worth noting, however, that sometimes you need keys to get these or to finish them — this one in particular comes from an NPC that spawns inside the Vaults, and requires you to open doors to find a specific elemental before the quest items are available, so they’re not a good source if you’re at zero keys.
  • Random enemies. While it won’t be the fastest or most reliable method, any enemy you fight on the Forbidden Reach seems to have a small chance to drop a Zskera Vault Key.
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