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WoWApr 4, 2023 11:00 am CT

WoW World Boss Basrikron the Shale Wing is now live in Waking Shores

As Dragonflight Season One continues it’s time for a different World Boss to spawn in the Dragon Isles. Just like in Shadowlands there will be four Bosses in rotation, changing each week. Fortunately there are no mechanic drops similar to the prior expansion’s Legendary Memories so players won’t have to worry about missing out on something important if they skip a week. As usual the World Bosses drop items that are ilevel-equivalent to the Normal difficulty of the concurrent raid, although with the more staggered ilevels in Vault it should be noted that World Boss drops are i395, or equivalent to the middle bosses of the raid.

This week’s World Boss is Baskrikron the Shale Wing in the Waking Shores. A proto-dragon of Earth, Basrikron’s fight is one that’s going to be not much fun for healers. Fractured spires will erupt from the ground damaging players near them, and continue to damage anyone nearby. In addition Basrikron will summon elementals that should be dps’d down as soon as possible — besides the everpresent threat of being overwhelmed by adds, every so often Basrikron will lift up and crash to the ground. While this will kill off the adds, they and the fractured spires explode on impact, damaging nearby players. Once Basrikron lifts up players will want to make sure they’re not near any of the mechanics of the fights or the boss itself.

Solid as a rock

Basrikron can be found in the Waking Shores zone, overlooking the Flashfrost Enclave and most convenient to the Ruby Life Pools flight point. Dragonriding can get you there easily from Valdrakken and most of the zones, but you’ll want to make sure you fly around instead of over the mountains near the Dragonscale Basecamp.

The gear that Basrikron drops matches the normal Vault appearance, so those looking to farm transmog as well as gear upgrades will want to take the time to down the boss. Besides a Crit/Mastery amulet that can drop for all armor types, Basrikron also drops:

  • Cloth belt (Crit/Vers) that matches the Mage appearance
  • Leather boots (Crit/Vers) that match the Rogue set
  • Mail bracers (Crit/Haste) that match the Hunter appearance
  • Plate chest (Crit/Vers) that matches the Warrior set and can be used at the Revival Catalyst to convert to tier gear

As always we should expect defeating Basrikron to count as a world quest, with the possible rewards of 250 rep with the Valdrakken Accord, Dragon Isles Supplies, and gold.


Original published on December 13, 2022. Updated on April 4, 2023.

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