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What ideas would you steal from other games and put in WoW?

The latest One D&D playtest introduced a new Weapon Mastery system, which allows characters with the Weapon Mastery feature — currently Fighters and Barbarians — to do a host of cool special attacks with all kinds of different weapons. And the first thing I thought was that it’s a really great idea, but about 20 minutes later it hit me that something like this would be perfect for World of Warcraft and the Warrior class.

Implementing a system that bases certain special attacks based on weapon type like this would make Warriors feel unique compared to other classes, something we direly need in the age of, “Everyone has an Execute, every other class can tank” era of WoW. And furthermore, it would be a great way of getting some desperately needed distance between the Arms and Fury Warrior playstyles. Now, it’s mostly Arms using a two-handed weapon with Fury using two of them — but you could offset Titan’s Grip by allowing Arms Warriors to choose their Weapon Mastery independently of the weapon or by getting to set two Mastery abilities and pick which one they use.

It’s an idea that I don’t expect WoW to borrow, but one I immediately wanted them to, the same way I wanted them to steal their own Arsenal system from Diablo 4 as soon as I saw it in action. The ability to carry up to four weapons as equipped and switch between them fluidly as your attacks call for it, which is how Aresenal works in D4, would be ideal for Warriors in WoW.

So, do you have any abilities you wish WoW would steal? Are you a long time Skyrim fan who wants Dracthyr to start “Fus ro dah!” blasting people off cliffs? Do you love the idea of dropping giant Final Fantasy summons on the heads of your enemies? What game mechanic or ability do you wish WoW would borrow, wink, from somewhere else?

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