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The QueueMay 8, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Gotta go fast

Sometimes you just gotta do things quickly right?

While I wait for my Dash cooldown to finish, it’s time for — The Queue!


QftQ: What sports stuff have you made up in front of people because you either didn’t know or didn’t care? Whenever I’m directly employed vs. freelance, I have a tendency to yell LIVERPOOL when solicited to participate in March Madness brackets or the World Cup.
OR… What made you a sports fan? What memory or passion has driven you to this point?

I’m not saying I’m good at bluffing through a sports convo I don’t know much about, but I am pretty good at doing that. I’m very much a fairweather hockey fan. Don’t tell my boss — who really really loves the team.

I’m very much a hockey fan because it’s the big thing around town… especially when the team makes the playoffs. I’ve always just enjoyed it when they win, but never enough to go out of my way to buy a jersey or even attend any of the games. The only hockey games I’ve ever been to were when I ran the remote cams and managed the program feed for my college’s hockey team.

Still though, I’ve always paid a little bit of attention to how the local teams have been doing. I also find hockey the most interesting team sport to watch. There’s the most action in it, occasional fights, and it’s always impressive to watch a guy maneuver the puck through the legs of the person trying to stop him.

Being Canadian doesn’t hurt either, eh?


Q4tQ: If you’ve rolled a rogue recently (say, in the last three expansions or so), have you remembered to get the Survivor’s Bag of Coins? It’s an item that lets you gain a special “coin” whenever you pickpocket something, and you can throw the coin on the ground to leap several hundred yards without falling damage when you land.

The Survivor’s Bag of Coins is a hidden quest that was introduced in Pandaria. You have to use Detection, and talk to a ghost, and some other stuff. None of it hard, but you’d never be able to do it without a guide. It’s still obtainable. My main rogue got it when it came out, but he’s the only one to have it. I’ve been working on a nightborne rogue and just realized I don’t have it.


I haven’t been playing my Rogues very much, but I do have Rogues plural and this is the first I’m hearing of this item. I know what I’m doing first the next time I play one of them!

Rogues get all these cool things and sometimes I’m a little sad that I don’t get the shiny toys. Sure I can do quests while in flight form, and pick flowers, and have a set of portals to let me travel through the Emerald Dream, but I don’t have a cool pickpocket toy!


I have to remove some old tree stumps from my yard this weekend.
Q4tQ: How likely is this work going to disturb an unknown subterranean society? Any advice on how I should handle the first interactions with these mole creatures?

Just remember that any subterranean societies you encounter might not have heard the latest jokes and you should definitely lead with the best ones you can think of!

Like this one:

Three moles are tunneling along in a line one day when the first one sticks its head up above the ground and says to the others, “Hey you gotta smell this, it smells like maple syrup up here!” The second one struggles mightily and only barely manages to get its snout above ground and says, “This isn’t maple syrup, that’s clearly honey!” The third mole tries as hard as it can but can’t quite get past the first two, and dejectedly says “All I smell is molasses.”

You’ll either have them in stitches or have sparked an international incident. Either way, I think you’ll be ok as long as you have a big shovel.


Without looking (and assuming you don’t know already), who do you think won the Legend of Zelda crossover Splatfest? Power, Wisdom, or Courage?

Hmmmmm from what I know about Splatfest and the Legend of Zelda I really have to go with Courage winning. I saw the graphic, and while I do think that if it had been character-agnostic Power would’ve stood a chance, people just like Link too much, and Courage takes the cake.

I’m also calling an unconscious bias toward the rightmost option since more people are right-handed.

I would’ve voted for Power though. Courage is easy once you have the Power, and who needs Wisdom? I’ll eat all sorts of tomato-based fruit salads, I’m sure they wouldn’t be that hard to Power through!

Have a nice and cozy Bacardi for luck this week. More so that you get the shiniest loot possible from your first trips into Aberrus rather than any kind of Vaults this week. I had been planning to get up off of the couch right when this picture was taken, but he just made him so cozy on my legs that I was stuck for another half hour! Good thing I sneezed or I might’ve never gotten off of the couch.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Low Rider

Have a fantastic Monday everybody! I hope that your favorite sports teams win their matches (unless they’re the Golden Knights cuz they’re going down!), and that you leave Anna lots of questions for tomorrow!

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