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The QueueMay 9, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I need a vacation

It’s the time of year again where I’m trying my best to not burn out before the end of the school year, while also simultaneously burning myself out by trying to cram an entire summer worth of work into the next few weeks. And then, when summer hits I’ll spend all day ferrying kids around between activities while also trying to make them do enriching things and also prevent skill backslide while they’re out, and also trying to keep current on my own life at the same time.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and will hopefully give us a little grace if we’re phoning in the answers.


It’s just past 4:00 PM Pacific time. Diablo IV is out in exactly four weeks.

Carry on.

Yep. And don’t forget this weekend is the stress test style “server slam” Diablo 4 beta weekend. I would expect that this is the last one before launch, so take that for what you will.

I need a vacation.


Q4TQ: do you think that WoW should have Luck as a tertiary stat? It could work like Magic Find does in Diablo 2: the more you stack of that stat, the higher your chance of finding items (and items of better quality) is.

I can imagine people stacking Luck not only for higher odds of getting loot in current content, but also to increase their odds of seeing stuff drop in old content. Just like people already make +Speed sets to farm old raids, they’d have a +Luck set so that Invincible has a 0.03% chance to drop instead of 0.01%.

For current content, there’s the possibility that balance problems could arise, so they could always limit it to a certain cap, or disable it for certain types of content (say, “it doesn’t work in Mythic raids during the first X weeks the raid is out, or for the whole season when that raid is current” etc.)

I like the idea of this. I’d even go a step further and suggest making a different set of otherwise cosmetic-only sets, with an iconic look based on each expansion, affecting the “luck” of only that expansion. Maybe a blue version of Judgement for Paladins for the Classic raids, for instance. That way, you’re not only farming for your luck stat, but also a desirable transmog, and one that has a feel-good nostalgia angle. Unless you’re a Hunter, in which case it still has a nostalgia hook, but my god are those sets hideous.

Though, my experience is, if something is added to the game that affects loot, people will find a way to game the system in unexpected ways and then it ruins the fun for people just trying to play as intended. I need a vacation.


Q4tQ: So what are some other “hidden” quests or cool things related to your class? For me, it’s pretty much the Survivor’s Bag of Coins and warlock green fire. (I still get whispers from new warlocks about that.) Or at least, I can’t think of anything else that’s somewhat hidden yet still available?

What have you got, the Queue?

As a Hunter we already get a ton of stuff from the entire pet-related minigame. Rare tames, trick tames, tames that involve a minigame onto themselves are all a part of general Huntering that not many people get to experience. The Rok/Lohk quest line was a fun one, too, featuring NPCs that other classes got to ignore.

There were also some fun early interactions with our tracking capabilities — the most prevalent, also available to Warlocks, was probably Track Stealth, which revealed lots of spirits in Raven Hill Cemetery. Hunters also had a few early heel-turn reveals with Track Demon letting us know the unassuming NPC whose bidding we were doing wasn’t all they seemed.

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