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Podcast > Tavern WatchMay 11, 2023 11:30 am CT

Tavern Watch Plays Weirs 12: Wrapping it all up with a dragon-shaped bow

Tavern Watch Plays

In the final episode of Into The Weirs: mysteries are revealed, dragons are fought, pirates are recruited, and lava is hot. Who lived? Who died? Who cried a little inside? The story may be ending, but the friendships are unbending. Hey, this rhyming ain’t hard. Can I play a bard?

Matthew Rossi DMs this session alongside our cast of players:

    • Anne Stickney as Kiska, a slightly unsettling drow druid who has left the Underdark in search of the source of recent natural problems.
    • Joe Perez as Aegis, a warforged barbarian from a time long since forgotten who has a fondness for making sure all of his companions are well-fed. Aegis shares his warforged body with countless different souls.
    • Liz Harper as Israa, a dragonborn ranger who rescued a dragon egg from destruction and is now looking for answers.

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