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WoWMay 12, 2023 3:00 pm CT

How to get Flightstones for gear upgrades in patch 10.1

WoW Dragonflight patch 10.1 added new gear and currencies you can earn from new activities and use in conjunction with each other to upgrade the gear you get, so you can do the activities at a higher level, earn more currency and gear, and then upgrade your gear again…you see how this cycle goes. The main currency introduced in patch 10.1 are Flightstones, which drop from quests, zone PVE activities, and throughout Zaralek Cavern in general.

There is no cap on how many Flightstones you can spend or earn in any given week, but you can only hold 2000 Flightstones per character at any given time, and they are non-transferrable between your main and alts.

Zaralek Cavern is a modestly sized zone with a lot going on, let’s take a look at the best places you can earn Flightstones.

Everything, everywhere, most of the time

Flightstones are rewarded regularly from the patch 10.1 story quests and side quests in Zaralek Cavern, usually in stacks in 10. Outside of questing, the easiest way to get Flightstones is to pick a fight with or open something — they drop in varying amounts from all patch 10.1 activities in the Zaralek Cavern including rares, treasure chests, world quests, zone events, and raids.

If you want to farm Flightstones, these are the activities you should focus on each week:

The following containers also contain larger sums of Flightstones and can be found by exploring Zaralek Cavern:



How to use Flightstones to upgrade your gear

Flightstones is the introductory questline walking you through how to get the currency and then, most importantly, the quest Catching Up with Friends shows you what to do with them. Inside the giant dome in Loamm is a Dracthyr vendor named Cuzolth at coordinates (56, 56) who will be next to Vaskarn. They are the main item upgrade vendors. You’ll meet them once you arrive in Loamm as part of the patch 10.1 story quests that introduces you to the area and the main vendors.

Flightstones play an important role in the patch 10.1 upgrade system and one of the main quality of life improvements is an account-wide Flightstone discount when you want to upgrade gear —  if any character on your account has an ilevel piece higher than the slot you’re trying to upgrade, the cost of Flightstones goes down.

Upgrading gear isn’t the only use for Flightstones either. You can spend 150 Flightstones to buy an Empowered Flightstone from enchanting supplies vendors throughout the Dragon Isles. This Empowered Flightstone can then be used as a reagent for the Titan Training Matrix V and open up more crafting options and recipes. The vendors you can purchase Empowered Flightstones from are:

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