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The QueueMay 26, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Octopath Queue

Eight questions, eight answers. Sometimes it’s as simple as an acrostic. Other times it’s as complicated as if it came from the far reaches of hell.

This time, though, it’s simple. Let’s go!


Octopath 1 roster vs Octopath 2 roster: who is your favorite of each class?

Oooh, that’s a good one! Let’s see:

For Clerics, Temenos has a fantastic personality and story, while Ophilia is more of a generic priest. For Thieves, Throné is bae, while Therion is that kind of “edgy kid” character that I don’t really like.

For Merchants, Tressa is pretty cute, and Partitio, while a good guy overall, has my least favorite story in the second game. For Apothecaries it’s not even close; I absolutely love Castti, while Alfyn had the most boring story in the first game in my opinion.

For Hunters, another landslide: I didn’t expect I’d love Ochette as much as I did, while H’aanit didn’t do much for me. For Dancers it’s very unfair: Primrose had my favorite story in the first game, while Agnea’s in the second is almost a side story.

For Scholars things are much more even. I really like both Osvald and Cyrus. But overall, Osvald is a slightly more interesting character. And for Warriors we have another pretty even one — I like Olberic and Hikari about the same. But I think I have to give a slight edge to Hikari.


What does God need with a starship?

Camels are too slow and clumsy.


W4TRed: What are your hopes for the mini-set? Any archetypes you want to see more support for? Things you hope get more answers to?

The dual class cards we’ve seen so far are for Demon Hunter and Warrior, and I love that. Demon Hunter has been very strong lately, while Warrior was the worst class until the latest balance patches. With this approach, they have to meet somewhere in the middle? I guess?

I hope they’re able to give classes that are struggling a few more tools to be able to compete. I’d love to be able to play Mech Mage and Curse Imp Lock again; those are two of my favorite archetypes of the last year. And I really hope they tone down how much damage Demon Hunter can deal with spells from hand. Not necessarily because it’s overpowered, but because it’s not fun to play against.


A repeat question from earlier this week: have you picked a starting class for D4 yet?

Obviously Sorcerer, baby! It’s my favorite class in the game. Give me Frozen Orb, give me Chain Lightning, give me Hydra, give me Firewall!


Q4tRedQ: which do you think we’ll see an announcement for first – Persona 3 Remake or Persona 6?

BonusQ: do you think either of those games will have a woman main character? I’ve already seen people expecting FeMC not to be in the P3 remake, but she seems like a popular character, so I don’t know. And a woman MC for P6 has been rumored for a while.

Persona 3 Remake should come first, assuming the rumors about it are true. We’ve seen supposedly leaked footage of a Sega highlight reel of upcoming games they’re working on that included P3R, and it looked extremely convincing — nearly to the point where it’s too convincing to be a fake. Persona 6, on the other hand, will probably be announced less than a year before it’s ready to be released — that’s the way Atlus has been doing things lately, so I wouldn’t expect that to change now.

I think that if Persona 3 Remake does not have Kotone (aka FeMC) as an option, the disappointment will be immeasurable. Fans really want to see a definitive version of Persona 3, that combines the best aspects of the FES and Portable versions. The female main character is the main reason people have to play Portable.

As for Persona 6, I could see it having a female character as an option too, but I wouldn’t grow super expectant of that.


Corollary Q4tRedQ: Should Persona 3 Remake also have remakes of 1 and 2 included?

Although I really hope to see those three games remade (2 is actually a duology), I’m gonna say no. Each of them has a massive story, and if they were to be remade, they’d probably be standalone titles — at most, I could see the duology being combined into a single game.

But bundling them with 3 doesn’t seem feasible. Those older games are very different from Persona 3-5, playing more like Shin Megami Tensei games (which are traditional JRPGs without the calendar system or the social links). They had a very different design vision that doesn’t fit very well with the so-called modern entries in the series.


Qft Red: why is green not a creative color? 🤔

Traditionally, the color red represents emotions like desire, love, anger, passion, and energy. Blue is the color of the sky, of the seas; a color that evokes calmness, tranquility. Those two are opposites, and complementary. Fire and water, hot and cold. They tell a story, just by virtue of existing.

Green is just there, a screen on the background, being replaced with assorted footage of bumblebees, race cars, or Godzilla.


Who started this oddly widely-spread myth that bears are related to pigs?

Honestly? It was probably Mitch.

That’s The Queue! Make sure to leave lots of questions for Cory, which is funny since Cory said the same thing to me last time. It’s the cycle of life! A turtle made it to the water!

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