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How to unlock and equip Spirit Boons for Druids in Diablo 4

Druids are the most flexible class in Diablo 4, with the ability to lean into any playstyle you prefer or jump between multiple playstyles rapidly — a true jack-of-all-trades. But that hybrid feeling goes beyond assigning skill points and picking out the best gear: when Druids unlock Spirit Boons at level 15, the class gains a series of buffs to help them adapt to any situation.

There are 16 different Spirit Boons to choose from, but you’ll have to do a quest chain and make offerings to the spirits to unlock each one. Let’s run down everything you need to know about Spirit Boons in Diablo 4.

How to unlock Spirit Boons

At level 15, the quest Spirits of the Lost Grove will pop up in your quest log, sending you to Túr Dúlra in Scosglen. That’s probably a long way away from where you’re leveling in the Fractured Peaks, but Spirit Boons are such a core part of your class that you should drop everything and head there. Scosglen is where Act 2 of the story takes place, but you don’t need to complete — or even start — Act 2 in order to work on this quest.

Step 1: Clear Túr Dúlra

Before you can progress, you’ll have to clear the Túr Dúlra Stronghold. If you haven’t done any Strongholds before, they’re mini-dungeons where the mobs are always two levels above you. You have to clear several objectives in a Stronghold and then defeat a boss to retake it, after which it usually becomes a city with side-quests, vendors, and sometimes dungeons. In the case of Túr Dúlra, you’ll find Spirits of the Lost Grove available on a platform below the waypoint as soon as you’ve cleared the place of demons.

Even though Strongholds can be challenging content, we still recommend doing Túr Dúlra as soon as you hit level 15. Just take it slowly and don’t try to rush through it. If you’re having trouble, take a look at your talents for more defensive options to help you survive the boss and mini-bosses — I’ve personally found the basic ability Storm Strike to be a very strong defensive because it provides a brief 25% damage reduction buff after using it. Even if it’s not your favorite, it can really help you survive while gaining Spirit to power your bigger abilities.

Step 2: Complete Spirits of the Lost Grove

Once you’ve made it through Túr Dúlra, head down to Ardreth (just follow the quest marker). Ardreth will direct you to speak with Gathlen, healer of spirits, in the hopes that you’ll be able to restore the spirits of Túr Dúlra. It’s a relatively short quest chain, and shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Once you turn in the quests, four spirits appear: Eagle, Snake, Deer, and Wolf.

Step 3: Make offerings to unlock the spirits’ powers

Though you’ve unlocked the Spirit Boons system, you now have to unlock each of its 16 powers. Each animal spirit offers four different buffs (see below), and you must make 25 offerings to unlock each one. These buffs are unlocked in order, so you can’t simply target the buffs you want: if you want the last Spirit Boon on offer, you’ll have to unlock all of the preceding Boons.

You’ll need 400 offerings to unlock every available Spirit Boon, but it’s extremely easy to collect them. As soon as you hit level 15, offerings will start dropping, and they seem to drop from just about anything you kill. Offerings aren’t a guaranteed drop from all mobs, but they drop quite frequently, and it shouldn’t take much time to collect all of the offerings you need. I had enough to unlock six Spirit Boons by the time I finished unlocking the feature.

You can have one Boon equipped for each animal, so we recommend unlocking the first from Eagle, Deer, and Wolf immediately just so you have three to equip right away, even if they aren’t the ones you really want. Then you should work on the Snake Spirit, which distrusts humans and will only unlock its Boons when you turn in all of the required offerings. You must turn in 100 offerings all at once, which will unlock all four Snake Spirit boons. From there, unlock in whichever order you wish to pick up the Boons you want.

Once you’ve unlocked every Spirit Boon you can choose to bond with one of the four spirits, allowing you to select an additional Boon from them. Keep an eye on your offerings — they’re under the quest tab in your inventory — and turn them in when you have enough to unlock more Boons. Túr Dúlra has a waypoint, so it’s easy to teleport in any time.

All available Spirit Boons for Druids in Diablo 4

Here are all of the Spirit Boons you can collect, in the order they’re available. Boons from the Snake Spirit are pretty clearly divided based on the type of Druid you’re playing, but the rest of them can be mixed and matched to suit your preferences.

Eagle Spirit

  • Scythe Talons: Gain 5% increased Critical Strike Chance.
  • Iron Feather: Gain 10% Maximum Life.
  • Swooping Attacks: Gain 10% Attack Speed.
  • Avian Wrath: Gain 30% Critical Strike Damage.

Snake Spirit

  • Obsidian Slam: Every 10th kill will cause your next Earth Skill to Overpower.
  • Overload: Lucky Hit: Dealing Lightning damage has up to a 20% chance to cause the target to emit a static discharge, dealing 63 Lightning damage to surrounding enemies. Note: Damage scales with level
  • Masochistic: Critical Strikes with Shapeshifting Skills Heal you for 3% Maximum Life.
  • Calm Before the Storm: Lucky Hit: Nature Magic Skills have up to a 15% chance to reduce the cooldown of your Ultimate Skill by 2 seconds.

Deer Spirit

  • Prickleskin: Gain 36 Thorns. Note: This scales with level
  • Gift of the Stag: Gain 10 Maximum Spirit.
  • Wariness: Take 10% reduced damage from Elites.
  • Advantageous Beast: Reduce the duration of Control Impairing Effects by 15%.

Wolf Spirit

  • Packleader: Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes have up to a 20% chance to reset the Cooldowns of your Companion Skills.
  • Energize: Lucky Hit: Dealing damage has up to a 15% chance to restore 10 Spirit.
  • Bolster: Fortify for 10% of your Maximum Life when you use a Defensive Skill.
  • Calamity: Extend the duration of Ultimate Skills by 25%

How to swap Spirit Boons

The best thing about Spirit Boons is that you can swap them any time from your character screen. Simply go to the Spirit Boons tab and click on the Boon you want to use. The only thing you can’t change whenever you want to is which spirit you’re bonded to, letting you get a second Boon — to change that, you’ll need to go to Túr Dúlra and speak to the spirit you wish to bond to.

You may find yourself swapping Boons frequently — perhaps picking up Wariness and Bolster when you’re struggling with a difficult boss encounter, but changing to Gift of the Stag and Calamity when you don’t need as much defense. These Boons offer a lot of choices, and you can tailor them to be exactly what you need when you need it.

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