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Diablo > Diablo 4Jun 7, 2023 3:00 pm CT

How to die less and live more as a Sorcerer in Diablo 4: A Sorcerer’s survival guide

Surviving in Diablo 4 can be a tricky thing sometimes, but your Sorcerer is actually well-equipped for the task — provided you know what to do. There are some general tips for survivability that you should be following no matter which class you’re playing, such as remembering to upgrade and use your potions, learning to dodge enemy attacks, and not standing in bad things. But we’re going to try to focus more on things that are specific to the Sorcerer class.

So read on to find out which talents and abilities you should be picking, which items you should be looking for, as well as a few gameplay tips in order to stop dying and start living for longer as a Sorcerer or Sorceress.

Which skills should I pick to survive more as a Sorcerer in Diablo 4?

Many Sorcerers like to pick the two big defensive skills, Ice Armor and Flame Shield. These help you survive and can also add a lot of utility, since Ice Armor can be improved with talents to give you some mana regeneration, while Flame Shield also damages enemies, which will often have synergy with your other Fire spells.

Personally, I’m more of a “the best defense is a good offense” kind of player, and I prefer to save my precious skill slots for offensive abilities, while getting my defensive boost passively. To that end, I highly recommend investing a few points into the Align the Elements, Protection, and Mana Shield passives. It can be a hefty investment of up to nine points, but it frees you from having to keep refreshing your armor or shield in combat, and lets you use more offensive spells too.

Whether you’re using those active spells for defense or not, remember that Flame Shield has a very good secondary use when it comes to survival: its Enchantment effect. The Flame Shield Enchantment prevents your death once every 120 seconds, activating Flame Shield instead! This can be extremely good depending on what kind of content you’re tackling, so keep that option in mind.

Teleport is probably my favorite skill in the game. It’s so useful: it lets you reposition yourself on the battlefield very easily, in order to kite enemies, get out of bad stuff on the ground, dodge out of enemy attacks, move around faster, and more. Remember that Teleport can also remove certain status effects like fear and immobilization, ending them instantly! Make sure to use that to your advantage.

Your ultimate abilities can work as defensive cooldowns too. Deep Freeze, in particular, makes you completely immune to damage for a few seconds, and can be further talented to give you a barrier after it expires. Even Inferno, a very offense-oriented skill, can be talented to suck enemies into it, keeping them away from you — if you learn how to use that to your advantage, you can give yourself some very precious seconds of breathing room to fling many spells at them.

Which items should I look for to survive as a Sorcerer in Diablo 4?

Look for boots with the “+1 Max Evade Charge” affix — and +2, or even +3 as you get to higher levels. This will let you dodge things more often, and that ability is absolutely invaluable as a Sorcerer. You don’t want to get hit, and having essentially three dodges while leveling (your regular evade, your extra evade from your boots, and your Teleport spell) will make things considerably easier.

Look for “+Life on Kill” and “+Life Regeneration” affixes on gear as well. Those small bits of healing may not look like much, but they actually add up for a lot. Life on Kill shines when you’re clearing packs of enemies, while Life Regeneration can be great on elite or boss fights.

For gems, you’ll want to add skulls to your weapons that have sockets on them to get some easy “+Life on Kill.” You should also add rubies to your armor to increase your life total, and skulls to your jewelry (amulet and rings) to increase your Armor. The way the game is balanced right now, Armor is much more effective than elemental resistances to increase your survivability.

Starting from level 15, make sure to craft and use elixirs! These items are very versatile, since they’ll give you an experience bonus, helping you level faster, but the also have potent defensive effects. If you’re struggling against a boss that deals poison damage, there’s no harm in popping an elixir that protects you against poison, for instance. Elixirs that increase your armor can be very effective as well.

When you reach higher levels and start getting lots of Legendaries, try to find the Aspect of Disobedience — and if you can, imprint it onto your amulet, to increase its effect by 50%. This is one of the best defensive effects you can find on a legendary, greatly increasing your Armor as you deal damage. On an amulet, its bonus can go up to as much as +45% Armor, which is a good amount of added survivability.

Gameplay tips and strategies to survive more as a Sorcerer in Diablo 4

One thing that every class should remember to do is to upgrade your potions at the Alchemist NPC in major cities. You’ll get the ability to upgrade them as you level, and you’ll see an icon with an arrow pointing up near your potion to indicate that there’s an upgrade available. Also remember to actually use your potions in combat before it’s too late, of course: for the Sorcerer in particular, you’re kind of a glass cannon, so you can’t afford the luxury sitting at half health!

Don’t let yourself be surrounded by enemies. Use your evade ability and your Teleport spell to reposition yourself in combat, constantly staying away from enemies. Dance around them! Make them zigzag looking for you, blasting their faces with spells in the meantime.

You’ll also want to learn the rhythm of enemy attacks: get out of the way before they swing down their axe! Many abilities are telegraphed, and you’ll be able to tell when an enemy is about to lay down a powerful hit, giving you time to react accordingly. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll get better as you play.

Since you’ll be constantly dodging melee swings and trying to keep enemies away from you as a Sorcerer, your biggest enemies are projectiles. When fighting regular mobs, you should prioritize killing ranged attackers: those Skeleton Corpse Bows, for instance, hurt a lot! In certain boss fights, you’ll notice that projectiles hit really hard, and they’re not as trivial to dodge as melee attacks, so constant movement is extremely important.

May this guide help you learn how to survive, so that the next time you meet The Butcher in a dungeon or a cellar you come out on top!

Originally posted June 7, 2023. Updated July 18, 2023.

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