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Diablo > Diablo 4Jul 3, 2023 2:00 pm CT

Diablo 4 patch 1.0.3 has made Nightmare Dungeons more rewarding (and easier to get to)

One of the major focuses of Diablo 4‘s post-campaign gameplay is Nightmare Dungeons, but until recently, they weren’t necessarily the form of gameplay you would want to engage in if you wanted to play in the most efficient manner. While the difficulty of Nightmare Dungeons was higher than that of regular dungeons, the rewards were not appropriately better, especially experience — for the time you spent clearing a dungeon (and particularly traveling to the dungeon), you would have been better off clearing normal dungeons.

Luckily, patch 1.0.3 addresses that, among many other things. There is also at least one major quality of life fix for Nightmare Dungeons:

  • Significantly increased the experience awarded for completing Nightmare Dungeons.
  • Significantly increased the experience gained from killing monsters in Nightmare Dungeons.
  • Fixed an issue where no experience was awarded for completing the hold out style event that can occur after finishing dungeon objectives.
  • Players can now teleport to their Nightmare Dungeon directly through the map.

With the new patch, Nightmare Dungeons finally award experience commensurate with their difficulty — both the experience for completing them, as well as the experience for killing individual monsters, so feel free to hunt things down or engage in those bonus events that can crop up, especially since holdout-style events should now always reward experience, too! The third point, about being able to teleport to a Nightmare Dungeon, is relatively huge; rather than activating a sigil for a Nightmare Dungeon and then having to teleport to the nearest waypoint and hike out to the dungeon on horseback, activating a Nightmare Dungeon now effectively turns the entrance into a waypoint. You can now pull up the map, find that dungeon, and click on its entrance to open a portal directly to it, just as though you were teleporting to any other waypoint.

Combined with the fact that Blizzard finally confirmed that loot inside a Nightmare Dungeon is more likely to be sacred or ancestral on higher difficulty levels, this altogether means that once you feel comfortable doing Nightmare Dungeons, they should be just about the most efficient way to farm both experience and loot (which you can also turn into sweet, sweet gold, making this a win/win/win).

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