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HearthstoneJul 11, 2023 2:00 pm CT

The Midsummer Fire Festival event is now live in Hearthstone with many rewards, and Quests are back to Battlegrounds

The Midsummer Fire Festival has returned to Hearthstone, and brought Quests back to Battlegrounds with it! You can earn up to six card packs, one Battlegrounds skin, and one Constructed skin during the event. The event can be found on your Journal, by clicking the button with the flame at the bottom left corner of the main screen, next to the shop. The Event pane can be accessed from the top icon on the Journal, also marked with the flame.

That pane contains all the info for the event — which runs for three weeks — including quests, rewards, and how much event XP is needed to earn everything. The rewards this time are:

  • A Standard card pack at 100 event XP
  • A March of the Lich King card pack and a Standard card pack at 500 event XP
  • The Sparkhoarder Togwaggle skin for Battlegrounds at 1000 event XP
  • A Festival of Legends card pack, a March of the Lich King card pack, and a Standard card pack at 2250 event XP
  • The Felblaze Illidan skin for Constructed at 3000 event XP

Those rewards can be won by earning event XP, which you’ll accumulate as you complete quests. This time, there are two questlines, rather than a single questline plus dailies. The Merry Midsummer! questline, with five quests, is aimed at playing games of Battlegrounds. After you finish a quest, you get another — but only on the following day. Those quests are:

  1. Play 1 game of Battlegrounds. Reward: 100 event XP
  2. Win 20 Combats in Battlegrounds. Reward: 150 event XP.
  3. Upgrade your Tavern 5 times in Battlegrounds. Reward: 200 event XP.
  4. Play 5 Golden minions in Battlegrounds. Reward: 250 event XP.
  5. Finish Top 4 in 2 games of Battlegrounds. Reward: 300 event XP.

The other questline, Happy Fire Festival! is more focused on Constructed — though a few of those quests can also be completed in Battlegrounds — with seven quests, and goes as such:

  1. Play 1 game of traditional Hearthstone. Reward: 100 event XP
  2. Deal 100 damage. Reward: 200 event XP.
  3. Play 30 cards. Reward: 300 event XP.
  4. Play 20 minions. Reward: 400 event XP.
  5. Destroy 30 minions. Reward: 500 event XP.
  6. Draw 60 cards. Reward: 600 event XP.
  7. Win 3 games of Hearthstone’s Ranked mode. Reward: 700 event XP.

Combined, these questlines reward you with 3800 XP, which means that you’ll need to complete almost all of the quests in order to earn every reward. The fact that are no dailies this time makes it slightly harder for players to do it, but thankfully there are 21 days in the event, which we hope should be enough time.

Quests and Rewards are back to Battlegrounds

That’s right: Quests, overwhelmingly beloved by the playerbase, have returned to Hearthstone Battlegrounds with today’s patch! This mechanic greatly changes how games play out, making them far more unpredictable, which should be a good shake-up to the current meta.

At the start of turn 4, every player is offered three choices of quests and rewards, and must pick one. Completing that quest earns that player that reward, which usually means a big boost in their power that stays with them for the rest of the game. This can drastically alter how games go, making players who were losing suddenly have a chance to climb back up, and maybe even win it all.

So whether you’re a Constructed player, or itching to try Quests at the Battlegrounds again, it doesn’t matter: complete this event, earn your rewards, and have fun at the Fire Festival!

Originally posted July 11, 2023. Updated July 12, 2023.

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