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The QueueJul 31, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Everything’s back to normal

We now return you to your regularly scheduled writer for the Queue.

No more weird out-of-place writers, writers who were supposed to be there not showing up, or writers who are alternate-universe versions of themselves.

Nope, just the person that’s supposed to be where they are when they are.

At least for today.

Now before I go play in the open portal to all of time and space, it’s time for — The Queue.


Q4tQ Is Soridormi the consort of Nozdormu? If so, how long do you think she’ll wait after he turns into Murozond to reenter the dating pool?

That must be a pretty big pool if it can hold a dragon!

Maybe she doesn’t even have to, she does have access to the time ways after all, she could just spend all of her time with Nozdormu in moments from the past. Maybe that’s why there are so many Time Rifts that need fixing too!

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve seen a catastrophic time issue caused by two people in love. It honestly comes up in pop-culture more than I realized now that I’m thinking about it.


Q4tQ: What’s an addition or alteration to your in-game UI that changed your life? Or at least, to be less dramatic, made the gaming experience exponentially better. Can be an addon or any of the changes Blizz has implemented themselves over the years.

For me it was being able to set my favourite font as the default for everything, AND make it the size I need it to be. I installed gmFonts but my favourite font (Accidental Presidency) is too damn small by default so I couldn’t use it. Then one day I took a chance and asked the creator if there was a way to add custom sizes for the fonts, and they fixed it up for me! My UI has been so pretty ever since, total life-changer.

It was definitely installing VuhDo and using it to cast all of my Holy Paladin healing spells directly on the party/raid members’ health bar. In my first ever raid I used the default frames and F1-F5 to target my own party. It was not great for my throughput…

I don’t need it as much now that I’m a bear, but there are still a few things that are bound to click on frames — my decurse and battle rez for example. It’s still really good having a compact raid frame that can show you information at a glance, something that the default UI has never felt really good at. For how large of a focus raiding is for developer time it’s interesting that there hasn’t been an upgrade to their built-in frames.


QftQ: What locations in WoW do you hate more than anything? For me, it’s any location in Tyrhold related to a rare. BECAUSE THEY DON’T EXIST.

Here are a few off the top of my head:

  • Anything on the Alliance side of BfA except for Drustvar — I just hated the extra hassle of taking a boat/portal over to them.
  • Grizzly Hills — I don’t like the Grizzly Hills music, there I said it. It never builds into anything that I really like!
  • Ardenweald — It was too large before flying, and the rewards from quests there never seemed worth it for the effort of getting to them.
  • Either Cataclysm starting zone — Vash’jir for the annoyance of water mechanics and Hyjal for the fact that I did it so many times to not have to deal with Vash’jir.

Now these are all pretty mild hatreds, I’m certainly not going to spend more than a minute thinking about how much I don’t jive with them.


What’s a good paracausal trinket for an augvoker? I like the thunderfury one but worried aoe will screw with dungeons

You could always use the Azzinoth one and get a nice Elemental buddy, plus haste is always good for throughput.

Sadly the Sulfuron trinket is not as good as it looked like it would be for bears. I was really looking forward to having a nice little pile of thorns damage and lots of fire cleave. But all of the top bears have said that these trinkets are niche at best and to just stick with what is working already.

At least I can drop a giant void meteor on my enemies.


What types of class customization options do you think Blizz should introduce?

More Druid forms for starters. At this point, they should probably just devote an entire division of artists to producing more shapeshift options for Feral, Restoration, and Guardian Druids. Mayyyyyyybe even a new Balance skin. Maybe.

Rogues and Warriors could get bigger flashier magic tinged attacks — like every ability has a Fel effect on it.

Shaman definitely should’ve gotten the Dark Shaman tainted elements customization by now.

I’d also like to see Priests get mirrored versions of their specs. Holy and Disc get Shadow effects and Shadow gets Light effects.

Today Bacardi has been well fed with the finest in stuffed toy sushi. Now’s your best opportunity to ask him for some excellent Vault luck. I know this week I’m going into the Vault with my first Mythic raid option and a nice +20 choice — so I’m expecting to see great things!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: What is Love

I hope that you all have excellent weeks! Make sure to leave lots of questions for Anna to answ2er tomorrow!

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