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The QueueAug 14, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Remember N’zoth?

He’s back, and I wish it was in pog form!

I just got my first-ever Mythic N’zoth kill and let me tell you, even two expansions later that’s one tough cookie! Almost like he’s a god or something…

Those clever designers at Blizzard made him go nearly invulnerable at certain health thresholds, so even bringing an almost full raid of people who still remember where they left their Wrathion cloaks — we still had to deal with the sanity mechanics in the fight! Once that runs out you’re gone, no matter how much health you have.

All in all, it was a little much for a fight two expansions out. At this point, I think there should be some considerations put in place for fights like that, Mythic Jaina and Mythic Kil’jaeden where the brute force option isn’t a possibility.

While I try and figure out what that entails, it’s time for — The Queue!


You wanna play my account for a few days to get the Blood Troll set for me? I’ll pay you 200 Jaina Coins

A few days?! You should need only like a few hours to get your Blood Troll transmog set.

There are plenty of quick things you can do around the Dragon Isles and Azeroth at large that should give you the Trader’s Tender you need to fill that bar up. We even have one of those articles that gives you some suggestions for how to get that done quickly!

In fact, the only thing I’d recommend that isn’t on the list is taking some battle pets and just doing quick one-pet battles around Stormwind and Orgrimmar until you’ve gotten all of the Tender for winning battles. Just remember to rock-paper-scissors properly. Beast beats Critter and Mechanical beats Beast. I think that mostly covers all of the pets you’ll run into around the starting areas

Before you know it you’ll be praising G’huun in no time!


Do you put Visual Novel games in your “to play” backlog or your “to read” backlog?

I’d say “to play” sure they’re mostly read, but the interactive element makes them much more of a play experience than simply turning a page. Choose your own path books on the other hand are in the “to read” section. I guess there the fact that they’re printed on paper makes the difference.

So now that I’ve shown my work, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s more the medium than the content. If I’m using a game controller or keyboard to make my decisions that’s a game, and it would belong in the “to play” section.

That being said I don’t actually keep any kind of official list, just things rattling around in my brain until the stars align and I give them a whirl. Otherwise, how could I explain that I spent a bunch of time this weekend playing the Quake 2 remaster that got surprise dropped on Games Pass instead of Diablo or Stray Gods or the first episode of the Telltale Expanse game?


Do you raid for pleasure, for gear, for prestige, or other? (Or a combination?)


But no.

I’d say that I raid more for the social aspects rather than the gear. Although the gear is nice too, I’m not gonna lose my… marbles… if I don’t get the shiniest trinket first or anything like that. I wouldn’t say no to getting it second or third though.

Raiding for me is a chance to shoot the… breeze… with my guildies. I know it may be shocking but I generally like talking to all of them, they’re all pretty interesting people and I love finding out more about their lives and interacting with them. I have been raiding with them since Battle for Azeroth so that’s not as long as some guilds out there, but that’s still a long time to spend hanging out with most of the same people.

As I’ve said before I also get big satisfaction from seeing all of our different pieces come together to get a new boss killed, or to figure out how to do an achievement. There are very few other feelings in gaming that compare to it for me.


Q4tQ: So how many of you are done with Time Rifts?
I have 2 more mounts to get and then the weapons/tabards. I feel like the 2 or 3 I can run per day is going to keep me at this probably another few weeks.
I’m not complaining because frankly it’s the first world event I’ve actually cared enough about to do routinely this xpac.
Off to make Thai Basil Beef for dinner.
Hope your Sunday was great!

I’m not! But I’ve also not been doing anything close to the two or three a day you’re doing. I do find them though! I can easily see myself making an effort to try and check in at the top of the hour as long as I’m not doing anything else that’s pressing.

I just hope that there’s something put in place to help make it a little easier to fill that bar on smaller pop servers. Maybe if it spun up a bunch of instances when you talked to Soridomi and checked in — so every 40 people who checked in would get their own shard and boss. Anything so I don’t have to spend ten minutes soloing Gill’dan again.


Q4tQ: when you have the option, how do you name your save games?
Asking because in Baldur’s Gate III, while I have my usual save with my character’s name, I now have an additional save named “Bad Decisions”.

I generally just name it something that just happened in the game. Like if I just got a fancy new sword, I’d say “new sword save”, or something similar.

That being said I also don’t tend to run multiple saves of something, so I’m not going to spin off a second branching path where I said that my companion looked silly in that hat. Which of course accidentally caused them to have a nervous breakdown and become the big bad in the third act.

I tend to just live my choices like that and see them through. That hat really did look quite silly after all.

Here’s Bacardi just being woken up from a nap to have his picture taken. He’s surely going to wreak a terrible vengeance on me for having done this, so make sure you get your good luck boops in quick!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Crabbuckit

Things are getting busy again at work for me so make sure that you squeeze all of the relaxation possible out of your days this week! As long as you leave Anna lots of questions for tomorrow that is!

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