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The QueueAug 23, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: The best way to eat corn

Oh hi there. I don’t know about y’all, but this week — and August as a whole — have been flying by. But hey, that just means Hardcore Classic realms and a shiny new patch for Dragonflight will be here sooner than we know it.

I’ll be partaking in one of those for sure, and maybe the other. Before that, though, we have something to do. Or should I say, something to…



Q4tQ: How do you feel about the process for getting the Evoker legendary?

A – I love it. Legendaries should be extremely rare, with more stuff to do afterward.
B – I like it. Legendaries should be extremely rare, but when it drops, that should be the end of it.
C – Neutral / don’t play an evoker / don’t care
D – I don’t like it. Legendaries for a new heroic class should be an extensive quest chain with raiding, like Fangs of the Father, or the ring from Warlords.
E – I hate it. Legendaries for a new heroic class should be more like legendaries from Legion – a better drop chance to get the thing, or you can get enough raid currency to buy it.

While I technically only have my Priest at max-level and kinda fall into that “C” category, I think I honestly am leaning toward A overall. I’ve always thought the “super unique quest” element of legendaries was awesome but still like the idea of having it be initiated by a rare drop.

What I don’t typically love are elements of legendary quests that effectively amount to a time gate that also asks you to raid the same place repeatedly. I get if you need more than a single lockout to farm stuff, but I hit my limit if it’s lockout three and I’m approaching that point of “if X doesn’t drop, it’s a guaranteed fourth lockout.” (Mind you, it’s been a minute since I’ve personally had to deal with that so maybe Blizz has eased up in that regard.)


QftQ: What’s the most stupid thing you’ve ever done purposefully? Mine is that I once held the gates of Atlantia against Thor. And, that involves a rather geeky story.

Wait, what?

I’m going to answer from the perspective of one of my D&D characters (Doubg), who thought the best solution for the Elder Dragon that wanted to eat the party was to, in fact, teleport inside her stomach. Doubg thought maybe it was a riddle.

It wasn’t.


One of the things I keep hearing from notable Warcraft personalities and influencers is how Dragonflight is *the best* expansion *ever* and never before has Blizzard been so on top of their game.


OK, so dragonriding is fun – the isles are beautiful – the NPCs are colorful and have personality – the revamps to professions and the renown system are rewarding – and the talent trees are great. But, what about the actual expansion story and narrative?

Well, honestly, I’m not loving it.


Practically speaking, I feel like most of Azeroth’s adventurers would actually just go home to Elwynn or Durotar and sit this one out.

Is it just me or is anyone else bored out of their chair by the Dragonflight story and questing experience?

First off, apologies for cutting off a major portion of your post! Hopefully you agree the crux of the post is still here.

Anyhow, when folks talk about it being the best expansion ever, they’re either A) Definitely not talking about the story content or B) Talking about the story content and liking it because it’s something different. To the latter point, it doesn’t matter as much if the story isn’t the strongest, best, most flawless in all of WoW’s history; but it feels different in the right ways by being more personal, a bit slower, and without (as much of) the usual “ANOTHER BIG BAD IS EVEN STRONG THAN THE LAST ONE!!!!” element that’s gotten tiring over the years.

For that former reason, though, they’re likely referring to the systems. The game is about as non-demanding as it’s ever been. If you only want to play Mythic+ and push your score higher (yo), you can! If you just want to raid, go for it! PVP? Alt-leveling? Professions I guess? You have a wealth of options, and you’re not going to ever feel like you’re too far behind. You can play on a casual schedule and still push hardcore content if you’d like.

Not every element of an expansion has to be your favorite for you to think it’s the best expansion ever — and I think that’s what’s happening with Dragonflight. It’s doing the right things where it needs to, even when it’s not doing the best things.


As someone who skipped out on the last two expansions, how easy is starting island expeditions?

My gear is around 416 ATM…

Very easy! I think, once upon a time not too long ago, Blizzard updated Island Expeditions to be much more solo-farming friendly. Which is dang good, because they put SO MUCH behind those Expeditions. Frankly, it’s where the collector in me burnt out.


QftQ: How do y’all eat your corn? Many years I learned that corn on the cob was best in the Mexican fashion with mayo, chili powder, and hot sauce. How about you?


I always grew up eating corn on the cob using those tiny corn-shaped pokers, covering it in way too much better and a mix of seasonings that cover at least salt, pepper, garlic, and onion. Nowadays, I’m more than fine with a lot of butter, some salt, and a modest amount of pepper (though my organs are screaming at that sentence).

That’s us for today! Now I’m hungry for corn. Thanks, Jax.

Be sure to leave corn preferences and questions for tomorrow’s writer!

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