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The QueueAug 30, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: 30 years later and I still love Ministry

When it’s butt o’clock and you’ve just volunteered to fill in the Queue, what can get you pumped enough to actually do it? Ministry. That’s right.


If a Vampire drinks the Hulks blood does it die of radiation poisoning or does it become a Vampire Hulk?

Well, let’s look at it from this perspective. When Dracula bit Superman, he almost blew himself up, because Superman is a living solar battery and (most) vampires are allergic to sunlight.

However, when the Hulk fought Dracula, he was actually being mind controlled by a magic hammer (don’t ask, it’s comic books) and he just plain smacked Dracula around like a chew toy a particularly excited dog just found. The vampires couldn’t even inconvenience him.

However, the whole vampire mesmerism deal still worked and they even got the Hulk to temporarily turn back into Bruce Banner. Then ol’Drac made the mistake of trying to kill Bruce and he immediately Hulked back out, and basically just said I could kill all of you but I gotta go beat up whoever sent that magic hammer at me, don’t ask, it’s a whole thing and jumped off. So I’d say that if they could get him mesmerized and didn’t immediately try and kill him, they could drink his blood, but I suspect that it would end up the same was as with Superman.

The Sun generates a lot of gamma rays. The Hulk is basically a small sun on legs, and drinking what is undiluted sunlight would likely blow a vampire’s mouth off like it did Dracula. However, if a vampire fed the Hulk (or Superman, for that matter) the corrupted blood of a vampire, you might be able to create a ridiculously powerful vampire that way.

I know some of you are going to mention that time a clone of the Hulk became a vampire, but that was the Ultimate universe.

Comics are just so weird, y’all.


Mine is that Fyrakk is an impatient man’s Starscream. Starscream could actually put up a front, and maintain it long enough to pull off “most” plans (see him, even in G1, manipulating and gaslighting the Autobot’s security chief Red Alert into letting him inside the base). Just that once he get’s there, he doesn’t have the foresight for how to keep his victory going. Very High Intelligence, Low Wisdom, Moderate Charisma type of plans.

Fyrakk is just there to watch the world burn, literally, and is just a very powerful miniboss in Iridikron’s other plans.

Quite a few people in the comments pointed out the Shadowflame seems to be getting to Fyrakk and frankly, considering how he’s barely had it for what, a week? This makes me think he’s a lot less powerful than Deathwing was, that dude held onto it for thousands of years.

Honestly, I’m starting to lean more towards the Titans than these guys. What happened to the Elementals after the Titans broke the power of the Black Empire was bull, but look how fast the Primal Incarnates turn to wanton slaughter to get their way.  I’d be cool with an Azeroth that told Odyn to take a hike, but not one run by these guys.


If they want to be really cheeky, they can call it World of Warcraft: Titanfall



After reading Rossi’s article on the Secrets of Azeroth event I may participate. A mount reward probably is what clinched it for me, but it sounds interesting either way. Also, my sub runs to mid-September anyway.

I straight up forgot that I wrote that and it was yesterday. I am so unbelievably tired, y’all.

This has been your Queue for today. I’m up tomorrow. Thinking I might do an old fashioned Dinosaur queue.

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