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WoWSep 6, 2023 10:00 am CT

Patch 10.2 should be arriving on the PTR this week so let’s play patch 10.2 bingo!

Dragonflight patch 10.2 is all set to arrive on the PTR, with an “In Development” article scheduled for Thursday that should reveal some of the features and fun details of what could be the final major patch of the expansion. While we have plenty of thoughts as to the game’s direction after patch 10.1.7, there are still several questions as to what exactly will happen when we take on Fyrakk — if that is even who we’ll be going up against! So while we wait, let’s play some Bingo with possible storylines and features.

Some of the options we’ve selected have been hinted at and some are straight up guesses and/or wishes on our part. While we’re still waiting on Draenei and Troll Heritage Armor — if Blizzard remembers that Trolls are a playable class — we’re going with Pandaren this time as a way to also tie in Dragonriding with the Pandaria Cup. It’s possible we’ll get the Northrend Cup instead, but the southern continent just seems like it’ll be more fun to do races on.

As race-class combos continue to expand we’ve targeted two of the remaining four (ignoring Dracthyr and Evokers for now) classes that are not yet universal: Paladins and Shaman. Personally, I think it would be a neat callback to the fact that those classes were originally faction-specific to make them available for all races simultaneously, but I’m not on the developer team so I can’t say how much work it would be to pull that off.

There’s a huge question regarding the end of the Green Dragonflight story, so we may have cheated and put in two likely opposite resolutions: Merithra sacrifices herself and Ysera remains behind to become Aspect again, or Ysera returns to the Shadowlands after fulfilling her role. This of course is predicated on the notion that patch 10.2 is the final raid tier and there is still some doubt about that so we may find ourselves reusing some of these options in a future Bingo.

Of course you probably have some ideas of your own, so feel free to make up your own selections with our handy blank board below.

Whether or not patch 10.2 is the final major patch of the expansion, it still promises to deliver a lot of content for the game heading into next year. While there is very little chance of every square being filled, hopefully we got enough things right that we get to call out Bingo!

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