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Discussion > WoWSep 14, 2023 8:00 am CT

How do you feel about the Man’ari Eredar rejoining the Draenei?

Dragonflight continues to expand player options, and patch 10.1.7 adds one that has long been on the top of many lists: the red-skinned Eredar appearance for Draenei. Rather than simply adding it, though, the development team crafted a new storyline that sees us return to Argus and deal with the aftermath of Sargeras’ defeat at the end of Legion. While the motives of the main Man’ari Eredar we encounter seem honest, betrayal is a common enough theme throughout World of Warcraft that we should probably be on our guard.

The following contains spoilers for the Seeing Red achievement and quest chain.

Before discussing story implications I want to make clear that I do not expect the option to ever be removed once earned. That said, that doesn’t prevent one or more Man’ari Eredar NPCs from being moles. It doesn’t help that out of all the Eredar we deal with in quest chain, there’s only one — Arzal’kal, later renamed Arzaal — that seems genuinely remorseful; the rest are defeated for quest credit. There probably are other Man’ari NPCs that rejoin the Draenei ranks besides Arzaal, but if so, it happens offscreen.

Frankly, the whole thing reminds me of the Nathrezim plot to infiltrate Light (with whom the Draenei have a longstanding relationship):

Similar to the titans, the Naaru and their keepers are singular in purpose. Their adherence to a linear path is an obvious shortcoming.

They savor nothing more than being proved right, so if they believe they have converted one of us to their precious Light, they will trust that agent implicitly.

Of course, Velen is notably wary of Arzal’kal’s motives and I’m sure he’s not easily duped, but at the same time it creates an opening for a different Man’ari antagonist to worm their way in. While I’m sure red-skinned Draenei players are above suspicion, I’ll be keeping my eye on the NPCs just as closely as I watch Lothraxion.

What do you think? Did you find the quest chain compelling? Do you think Arzaal could become a future antagonist, or would it be a new NPC? Is the greatest trick the Nathrezim ever pulled was making sure we never fully trusted any NPC ever again?

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