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The QueueSep 14, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Who wore it better?

I blame Eno for this.

See, Eno posted a link to an image of the upcoming Batman: Fighting the Frozen action figure based on the comic of the same name, with the caption “Oh look, it’s Rexxar Batman” and of course that immediately had me saying “Wait a minute, they’re both ripping off Darkwolf from Fire and Ice” who is one of my favorite characters from a movie I saw when I was a kid.

This of course sent me down a rabbit hole and the next thing I knew I was all “Didn’t Superman crash land in the Indian subcontinent in an Elseworld and grow up to kill Shere Khan and wear his skin as a hat and cape?” and yes, that did happen, and so I included it in the collage of dudes wearing animal themed masks above.

Of the four above, I think Batman’s mask is the worst — it’s basically just stitched together leather pieces to make a vaguely bat-shaped mask. Rexxar’s mask appears to be an actual animal head of some indeterminate kind, and it’s very similar to what Darkwolf is wearing. However, I can’t tell what Rexxar’s hat is supposed to be from, and if that’s a wolf on Darkwolf’s head something went terribly wrong in the creation of said hat.

Of the four, only Kal-El (or K’L’L as he’s called in the comic) is wearing the actual head of an actual, recognizable animal, and moreover it’s a freaking tiger, one he killed himself and turned into a hat and cape number. For reasons of style, of DIY costuming, and for being drawn by Mike “Hellboy” Mignola, I give the edge to Superman in this contest.

Try harder, guys. He’s making y’all look bad.


Just a coincidence, or are Blizzard dropping hints that Ragnaros is going to return?
I have some vague memories of the Shaman Order Hall questline and/or the Dark Iron Dwarf unlock questline revealing that Ragnaros never really died in the Firelands raid.
Obviously he’s not a raid boss (or maybe he is, probably not), but maybe this disturbance will allow him to once again materialize in the mortal plane, and he’ll end up flying away somewhere to plot our demise on a later day.

Joe and I have repeatedly said this for months and months now.

You would not believe all of the weird rambling we do on that podcast, you should totally start listening, it’s crazy.


Dangit, I keep going to pre-mostly complete the gold WQs in case of a gold buff and accidentally zoning out and finishing it

I used to do that for quests that gave rep because I’d race changed to Night Elf in order to tank heroic Anub-Arak in Heroic 25 TotC so I wanted to wait until we got him down and race changed back. But I never did race change back and I always forgot and turned them in anyway.


Reading some impressions from the PTR, and the Dragonriding raid boss fight doesn’t sound nearly as bad as some people were worried about. Less “The Oculus” and more “get from point A to point B during this intermission phase”. Still has to be a better transport option than the ice or stone bridges during the Sylvanas fight.

I appreciate you for spreading the calming balm of reasonable wait and see argument but sadly, I’ve hated these kinds of fights forever. Hated them in Ulduar, hated them in the first Kael’thas fight. Adding something to a fight that means I suddenly have to travel to a shadow world and use a special ability instead of tanking (looking at you, Norushen) or leap platforms or ride on a motorcycle… I don’t in fact want to be taken out of my comfort zone, I want to stay in my comfort zone.

I’m sure the Dragonriding fight will be quite manageable and I’ll be able to do it. But I’ll still be irritated by it because my dream is another Patchwerk fight, and I am not embarrassed by that in the least.


This far, I have not run into any spoilers for Ahsoka, which is nice, but I’m also avoiding Facebook like the plague if I can. The hardest part is not clicking on any of the Star Wars meme Reddits threads, which so far have been good about spoiler tagging.

Shaman is officially done with drake crests, now all she needs are wyrm crests, but probably won’t get many on her aside from the dreamsurge quest.

Dude, I went over to YouTube to watch a cooking video and I got spoiled for episodes 4 and 5. What pacts have you made, what was the terrible cost you were willing to bear? I know you know the key to the secret seven gates of Kalthoon, you must. Tell me before he returns to this world.

On a more serious note (He’ll drink our bones, Telwar, tell me how to stop him) I am sincerely happy for you managing to avoid those spoilers. I want to make up spoilers now but I won’t because I really do need you to tell me how to get through those gates.


Lore Q4tQ: how long do you think Iridikron will last as a villain? Now that we know the final boss of the 10.2 raid, it seems that Iridikron will survive the expansion. (Barring a surprise 10.3 patch.) I’m definitely in favor of villains lasting longer than one expansion; the game constantly needs new villains because we keep killing them off, and I’d much rather see new ones than see another existing character turn crazy and evil.

But I also feel like Iridikron has shown very little personality – he hasn’t done much except be mysterious and have his plans work the way he wanted them to. Both Fyraak and Vyranoth have shown more character. So I can’t help but wonder if he’s intended to be a long-running villain, or if he’ll be used to set someone else up as a greater antagonist.

I don’t think Iridikron is going to make it out of this expansion, because 10.2 absolutely does not feel like the last raid of the expansion and I expect a 10.3 announcement at BlizzCon. I think it’s hard to really establish the personality of a character like Iridikron because this isn’t a game like the original Warcraft RTS games were — we never get to play as Iridikron or see his story from his own perspective the way we did for Arthas, Illidan, the original Orcish Horde, Sylvanas, etc etc.

The best World of Warcraft villains have either been ones we got to know before WoW, or ones that we saw repeatedly before they finally showed up as a boss. I think Garrosh got some of the best build up for any villain in the series — love him or hate him, you saw him a lot and interacted with him enough to know who he was, what he wanted, and how he would go about getting it.

Honestly, at this point if Iridikron split open down the middle and Deathwing stepped out, having used the Primordial as an unwitting incubator for his rebirth, I’d be okay with that. At this point we’ve seen so much of Deathwing/Neltharion’s Machiavellian machinations a full Xanatos “I planned for every eventuality” return from death would make sense, and it would spare me from having to care about someone who never says what they want or why they’re doing anything.

Seriously, Iridikron, at least threaten to drink someone’s bones.

Sorry, Iridikron, you’re boring.

Anyway, that’s the Queue for today, see y’all next week. Take care of the people you love and make sure you stop to try and love yourselves too. Everyone deserves that.

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