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HearthstoneSep 19, 2023 3:30 pm CT

Fall of Ulduar Hearthstone mini-set brings Anomalies to Constructed and Arena — now live!

The next Hearthstone mini-set is Fall of Ulduar, and it’s now live with 38 new cards for the Titans expansion, as well as Anomalies for Constructed game modes and Arena!

Although there are 38 new cards, by purchasing the mini-set, players will actually get two copies of most of them, earning a total of 72 cards. They are distributed as such:

  • 4 Legendary cards
  • 1 Epic card (two copies)
  • 17 Rare cards (two copies of each)
  • 16 Common cards (two copies of each)

The mini-set can be purchased for 2,000 in-game gold or $15. There’s also an all-Golden version of the mini-set, which can be purchased for 10,000 in-game gold or $70, and includes a bonus Diamond Legendary. Players who opt out of purchasing the mini-set can still find the new cards by opening regular Titans packs.

How to get Anomalies in Standard, Wild, Twist, and Arena games

A new card in the mini-set, Cho’gall, Twilight Chieftain, has a game-changing effect, potentially adding Anomalies to matches:

  • Cho’gall, Twilight Chieftain
    • 6 mana, 6/7, Legendary minion. Taunt. Lifesteal. Start of Game: 25% chance to corrupt the game with a random anomaly.

Which means that if a player has the new Cho’gall in their deck, every game has a 25% chance to receive one of the new Constructed Anomalies. However, for the first week after Fall of Ulduar, every game will have Anomalies active! After that one week period, Anomalies will be active in 25% of games until patch 28.0 comes out (whenever that is). While these events are active, if at least one player has Cho’gall in their decks, games could end up being corrupted by two Anomalies at the same time!

Here are the different Anomalies you’ll be encountering in constructed Hearthstone this week:

  • Twist Reality: After a player plays a card this game, shuffle a copy into their deck.
  • Approaching Nightmare: Both players start with Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End in their hand.
  • Opportunity Knocks: The first card drawn on a player’s turn is one they can afford to play.
  • Shifting Fate: Both players start with Gear Shift in their hand.
  • Light in the Dark: Both players’ Hero Powers cost (1) less.
  • Gift of Gluttony: Both players start with two more drawn cards.
  • Shifting Futures: Both players start with 2 copies of Shifter Zerus in their hand.
  • Control the Makers: Both heroes have +1 Attack on their turns.
  • Severed Souls: Both heroes start with +5 Health.
  • Surging Inspiration: Both heroes start with upgraded Hero Powers.
  • Driven to Greed: Whenever a player ends their turn with unspent Mana, they get a Coin.
  • Driven to Excess: Whenever a player ends their turn with unspent Mana, they draw a card.
  • Uncontrollable Growth: Both players start with an extra Mana Crystal.
  • Seeing Double: Both players start with 2 cards copied from the other players’ hand.
  • Unimaginable Horrors: Both players Discover a new basic Hero Power on their first turn.
  • Fortifications: At the end of each player’s turns, give a random one of their minions +1 Health.
  • Fast Track: Reduce the Cost of all cards in both players’ starting hands by (1).
  • Your Eyes Betray You: Both players’ cards are Golden.
  • Army of the Corrupted: The first minion played on each player’s turns costs (1) less.
  • Spread of Corruption: The first spell played on each player’s turns costs (1) less.

Fall of Ulduar is live now, so whether you enjoy standard constructed modes, Twist, or Arena, you’ll be able to enjoy the Anomaly fun from Battlegrounds. May the Titans reshape Azeroth into a better place and…

…nah, praise Yogg!

Originally published September 12, 2023; updated September 19, 2023

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