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Praise Yogg

The Queue: These combos aren’t (yet) real

How much longer must we wait until we can roll a Forsaken Paladin, or a Worgen Demon Hunter? Sadly, I don’t have the answer. But I might have other answers. This is The Queue, and you get a complimentary pair of sunglasses and a roasted chicken for reading.*

*disclaimer: you do not actually get a complimentary pair of sunglasses or a roasted chicken for reading The Queue.

The Queue: I may be just a schoolgirl… but now I’m a schoolgirl with a giant robot!

On yesterday’s Queue, Anna correctly mentioned that I love 13 Sentinels, and gave it a shout for my benefit. Well, who’d have imagined that I’d be writing the Queue the next day, and giving it more than just a shout, but a whole dedicated article!

This is The Queue. We eat crepes and answer questions, and we’re all out of crepes, so let’s go.


The Queue: An Engaging Queue

I wasn’t really planning on writing a Queue themed after the upcoming Fire Emblem Engage, but the questions dictated it. So I guess a certain tradition I have will be maintained: I don’t always write The Queue, but when I do, it’s themed after a non-Blizzard game (or series).

But worry not, for there are quite a few Blizzard-related questions here as well. This is The Queue, let’s do our thing!

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