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The story of Fyrakk the Blazing leading in to Dragonflight patch 10.2

World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s upcoming patch 10.2 will prepare the players for the next chapter of the Dragonflight story taking place in the Emerald Dream, and it heavily features our old friend Fyrakk. In patch 10.1, Fyrakk lead the Primalist forces attacking the Dragon Isles, though at the time he was more  of a secondary antagonist, following Iridikron’s lead. Now, Fyrakk appears to be taking the stage as the main antagonist of patch 10.2, where we see him leading the Primalists and the Druids of the Flame against the Emerald Dream.

But who is Fyrakk the Blazing? Let’s take a look at how he became powerful enough to threaten both the Dragon Isles and the Emerald Dream and what his role might be in patch 10.2. Here’s what we know about Fyrakk leading into patch 10.2.

As one of the Primal Incarnates, Fyrakk rejected the gift of the Titans and instead embraced the elements, becoming the living embodiment of fire. His title “the Blazing” isn’t just a reference to his mastery of flame, but also his behavior and temperament. Fyrakk is vicious, impatient, and while his siblings have ambitions beyond themselves, Fyrakk is solely focused on growing his own power.

It was rejecting the Titans’ gift that first put Fyrakk (and the other Primalists) at odds with the Dragon Aspects, but to better understand the nature of this conflict, we need to take a look at early dragon history.

To some, the Titans’ power seemed like a gift

In the early days of Azeroth, the first species of dragons were the proto-drakes who possessed inherent elemental power but behaved primitively, with few showing signs of intellectual development over time. These early proto-drakes were mentored and cared after by Galakrond, the largest proto-drake of the time — but he eventually succumbed to Old God madness and began to prey on other proto-drakes and raising their corpses to be his undead minions. A handful of proto-drakes — Malygos, Neltharion, Ysera, Alexstrasza, and Nozdormu — eventually banded together and defeated Galakrond, after which they were imbued with Order magic from Tyr and the Titan Pantheon, known as the gift of the Titans. These proto-drakes then became the first Dragon Aspects and evolved physically in to the dragons we see throughout World of Warcraft. The gift of the Titans also came with a responsibility — the dragons would be the protectors of Azeroth.

Other proto-drakes followed the Aspects and accepted the gift of the Titans, choosing to be imbued with Order magic and accepting the mantle of responsibility entrusted to them. But there were also proto-drakes who rejected the Titans’ offer, viewing the influence of Tyr and the Titans as a stain instead of a gift. To these porto-drakes, the responsibility thrown upon them was a blatant violation of their agency as a species.

Instead of adhering to the path the Titans were forcing on dragonkind, these proto-drakes believed the dragons should embrace their inherent elemental power. The proto-drakes who adhered to this ideology forged the Primalist faction and they were led by the Primal Incarnates, four proto-drakes who became living incarnations of the elements: Raszageth (wind), Fyrakk (fire), Vyranoth (water), and Iridikron (earth). The Primal Incarnates solidified their own goal: to free the world from the influence of the Titans.

Sealing away the Incarnates

The Primalists demanded the Aspects exile Tyr to prevent future Titan influence on dragonkind, and when the Aspects refused, conflict seemed inevitable. Alexstrasza hoped to resolve any disputes through peaceful communication, but Neltharion prepared a secret army in the Forbidden Reach before being attacked by Raszageth and a group of Primalists. The battle ended with the Dracthyr sealed in stasis and Raszageth locked in the Froststone Vault. This it kicked off the War of the Scaleborn — an all-out civil war between the Primalists and the Dragon Aspects.

The war only ended when the remaining Primal Incarnates were sealed within the Vault of the Incarnates. The peace held for 20,000 years, when Raszageth escaped her prison at the beginning of the Dragonflight expansion and set out to free her siblings from the Vault — ultimately succeeding at the cost of her own life.

Fyrakk the Blazing continues to hunt for power

With the Primal Incarnates free once more, Iridikron assumed the mantle of leader — but he has his own ulterior motives and goals. Though Fyrakk immediately demands vengeance for Raszageth’s death, he falls in line and follows Iridikron to search for Aberrus, Neltharion’s secret facility. Fyrakk and his forces act as the vanguard for the rest of the Primalists and lead the initial underground assault on Zaralek Cavern as part of the Primalist plan to seize Aberrus. It’s here that Fyrakk, at Iridikron’s instruction (and to his own delight), bathes in the shadowflame beneath the Dragon Isles. This bolsters his already considerable power, and Fyrakk then unleashes chaos on Zaralek Cavern and Loamm, home of the Niffen, before beginning sustained assaults on the Ohn’ahran Plains and the Azure Span.

In patch 10.2, Fyrakk has set his sight on the new world tree hidden in the Emerald Dream, planning to absorb its power as well. It seems the shadowflame has begun corrupting Fyrakk, enhancing his cruel behavior, and he’s begun hunting down members of the green dragonflight to find an entrance into the Dream. This has put him at odds with his sister Vyranoth, who remarks that he’s begun to lose sight of their mission to free the world from Titan influence. Instead, Fyrakk only seems to be seeking power.

Now, Fyrakk’s assaults on the Dragon Isles continue. In patch 10.1.7, we see Dreamsurges threatening the Dragon Isles as Fyrakk searches for a way in to the Emerald Dream. And we know he’s going to find it: patch 10.2, Guardians of the Dream, we’re called to defend the Dream from Fyrakk’s assault.

And that’s what we know about Fyrakk leading into patch 10.2. His assaults on the Dragon Isles have only grown more ferocious over the course of this expansion, and he seems to be happy to let the world burn in his own quest for power. Soon, we should see what that quest comes to.

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