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Discussion > WoWOct 3, 2023 8:00 am CT

Which World of Warcraft continent would you like to see updated?

There’s been a lot of chatter online about the next possible expansion being a “reverse Cataclysm,” where all the post-Shattering updates to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms are reverted to a more normal state — while of course including the updates that have transpired in the past decade. Part of this is motivated by the possibility of a Cataclysm Classic; a substantial argument is also that Dragonriding requires the world to be rebuilt anyway to accommodate it. Overall, though, there’s a desire to keep the world fresh now that phasing technology has gotten so advanced — but while I’d love to see Dun Modr populated and the Thandol Span rebuilt, I tend to think it’s too large of an undertaking to tackle both continents in one expansion.

I also don’t really see a necessity to update them except when the narrative needs it, like with the Warfronts in Arathi and Darkshore. Instead, I’d rather we revisit other landmasses than the original ones for a refresh, and the top of my list is Northrend (and not just because I want there to be another Argent Tournament). There’s a lot of open threads that I could see requiring us to return to the scene of the Lich King’s defeat.

The primary thread is one that’s current — the threat of the Primal Incarnates. It hasn’t really been touched on in Dragonflight but the region now called Dragonblight was a major center for dragonkind back when Iridikron was fighting the Aspects. If we’re heading towards a Void storyline, Northrend also makes sense, as it’s the region most heavily influenced by the Old Gods that doesn’t also have a giant sword stuck in it. It would also help continue the story from Shadowlands as there is no more Lich King to keep the Scourge in check, providing ample opportunities for adventurers to earn experience while leveling. Most importantly, the Kalu’ak can adopt the customs of their Tuskarr cousins in Iskaara and give us a new community feast event.

If not Northrend I still would like a return to Draenor. While the Mag’har Orc unlock quest hints strongly that the timeline is accelerating to oblivion, the more recent lore around Time Rifts and such seems to indicate it’s not necessarily doomed. Perhaps an older, fanatical Yrel would be influenced by the return of her adventuring companions and embrace a less dogmatic view of the Light. Or maybe we’d finally get the Shattrath raid or the promised visit to Farahlon. While the expansion had some issues, I still really enjoyed leveling there and it could be interested to see how that world has changed.

What do you think? Do you favor a revamp in any of the other continents — Pandaria perhaps? Or do you want upcoming content to focus on bringing us to new lands?

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