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The QueueOct 24, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Endless Screaming!

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, but as it comes closer, I am quickly hitting an IRL breakpoint. We did take an amazing vacation over fall break a few weeks ago to ride the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, but as we came home, we started looking through the calendar to see what we had coming up. Not even counting recurring things like my daughter’s Saturday art class, that was the last free weekend I’m going to have until literally late January.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’ll answer just as soon as we find a free minute. Currently busy staring into the void, dissociating. You get it.


Q4tQ: how nerdy is your significant other? Are you the nerdier one in the relationship?

We are both very, but equally nerdy in different arenas. He loves guitars, I tend to go more toward musicals and symphonic music. He likes fantasy fiction, while I’m still all about murder mysteries and thrillers. I play far more video games, while he tends to hyperfocus one at a time and play fewer of them (right now it’s mostly Deep Rock Galactic). I’m very into classic literature, while he loves watching nearly any and all history-related content, so there’s a really deep overlap there, too.

While some of our interests align, it’s definitely also good to have your own slice of nerddom to overexplain to someone who you know won’t have a single iota of judgement or reservation about listening to you (even if you know they’re probably very bored).


*gets email from the Blizz store promoting hockey jerseys*

So, which playable WoW race would have the best hockey players?

Probably Dwarves. They come from a snowy climate, and unlike Gnomes who share it, they’re tough little bundles of muscle who won’t instantly get knocked down in a fight.

I’d also give a slight edge to Tauren, because they’re hulking behemoths. Even though Mulgore is dang near a desert, Tauren have probably learned how to slide their feet to prevent falling in slippery conditions, so they’d be naturals on skates, too.


Q4tQ: Would you rather the next WoW expansion adds a new race, class, both, or neither?

Man, I’m really not sure. I feel like we’re at the point where I’d love to say both in a vacuum, but man, almost 20 years of options has led to a lot of bloat.

As such, I kinda feel like we don’t necessarily need more races, but we do need more options and skeletons for the ones we already have. Perhaps even slider options for sizes and colors? And maybe we don’t need more races, but we could use more options for talent trees within the existing classes, like fel-infused Warlock tanks maybe, or a shout-based Warrior tree that plays almost like a Bard would.


Q4tQ Do you think the release of PTR Patch Notes for Heroes of the Storm means that it could be coming back to active status at BlizzCon?



It is somewhat encouraging that they’re occasionally doing small tweaks and balance passes, but to be frank, the scope of these tweaks plus the timeframe of them totally makes it seem like it’s a dev or two just trying to keep the shambling corpse of this amazing game alive on lunch breaks.


Q4tQ: Do you have a comfort tv show that you always go back to?

This is like, the most 2023 answer, but not really, because when I get attached to a particular series it usually gets bumped off of whichever of the streaming video services I’m currently subscribed to.

It was The Good Place for a while, but then we got rid of Netflix. I’d probably say The Office but there is zero chance I’m ever subscribing to Peacock. It was The Simpsons, but then we turned off Disney+. Currently, it’s Abbott Elementary because we have HBO Max through our current phone plan, but I feel like it’s probably a matter of time before that gets bounced. The one exception is Law & Order, which is always on somewhere, even if just via over-the-air bunny ears, but also I have children who have the worst timing who are sure to come hang out right when Sam Waterston is all “you murdered her and then mutilated her corpse!” This is also why I haven’t watched much of The Boys or The Witcher despite really wanting to watch both of those. Oh, and I don’t have Netflix right now, so.

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