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WoWNov 1, 2023 10:00 am CT

New November rewards at the WoW Trading Post

November is a new month which means new rewards at the Trading Post in World of Warcraft! The November lineup is a bit unique since it preempts BlizzCon this weekend and Dragonflight patch 10.2 next week, which means none of these rewards are tongue-in-cheek references or hints to anything potentially coming to World of Warcraft.

Jokes aside, the rewards are all over the place this month so if anything interests you, be sure to stock up on your Trader’s Tender and head to T&W in Stormwind or Zen’shiri Outpost in Orgrimmar. This is what’s available in the WoW Trading Post in November.

November Trading Post class transmogs

November is the month of the Monk, Warlock, and Warrior as all three classes are blessed with semi-complete armor sets complemented with a variety of weapons!




November Trading Post mounts

November’s Trading Post features one faction-specific mount and one universally available mount, making three total mounts available if you have an Alliance and Horde character (and enough Trader’s Tenders). Everyone will be able to purchase the Swift Zhevra for 550 Trader’s Tender, a mount you could previously get from the Recruit-a-Friend system. Members of the Alliance can purchase the Spectral Gryphon and those sworn to the Horde can purchase the Spectral Wind Rider, with both mounts going for 650 Trader’s Tender each.

November Trading Post ensembles, transmogs, and cosmetics

While it’s not a typical color I normally associate with the Fall time, it seems there must always be a Trapping and Thread color available each month, and with an entire wheel to cover it seems this chosen color is Sepia.

This month’s transmogs and cosmetics are mixed bag of items sold previously at the Trading Post in the past and new items making their debut. Usually, items sold at the Trading Post are re-imagined or re-colored items from older expansions but this month we get a Niffen-themed hat. By itself, it’s not a large deviation from tradition but I would like to see Blizzard lean into items more in-line with the current WoW expansion. Somewhat related to that, Blizzard is continuing to use the Trading Post to re-integrate previously unobtainable items from sources outside of WoW back into the game and this month it’s the Foam Toy Rack, another item from the Trading Card Game.

November Trading Post pet

The Trading Post pet this month is Drazka’zet the Wrathful for 650 Trader’s Tender! This little undead minion is a red-wrapped version of Miimii, originally from Battle for Azeroth’s King’s Rest dungeon. Coinciding with the ending of Halloween celebrations at the end of October, the beginning of November is usually when The Day of the Dead celebrations happen so this battle pet fits nicely with that theme.

November Trading post bonus reward

Completing the Traveler’s Log objectives this month will reward you with the Arsenal: Cosmic Weapons Cache that contains two swords, a greatsword, a dagger and a staff for you to outfit your characters with:

Typically, we can expect some sort of monthly theme or consistent aesthetic for the Trading Post but this month seems to be a true grab bag of items. If nothing grabs your interest this month, it’s still worth stocking up on Trader’s Tender since next month’s Trading Post will have armor and weapon sets for Evokers, Hunters, Mages, and Shamans. We’ll probably also see items related to the Feast of Winter’s Veil especially since the event itself has been updated as part of the overall holiday refresh so this month.

Originally published November 1, 2023. Updated November 4, 2023.

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