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WoWOct 16, 2023 11:20 am CT

When is the WoW Dragonflight patch 10.2 release date? November 7!

The World of Warcraft development team has announced an ambitious patch plan for Dragonflight in 2023, with patch 10.2 being the final of six patches scheduled to go live in 2023, and the first patch of Season Three. A strong release cadence demonstrated was demonstrated throughout this year — patch 10.1.7 will release the week of September 5 — and it seems this is going to continue for the foreseeable future. Patch 10.2, Guardians of the Dream, launches November 7. Hot on the heels of the hype behemoth that is BlizzCon, this also opens us up to see a whole lot of stuff coming even further in the future at the big event.

With the November 7 announcement, patch 10.2 is certainly the final patch being released in 2023. Patch 10.2 is the second major patch of Dragonflight and will mark the beginning of Season Three, bringing with it a ton of new features, including a new raid, a new zone for questing, changes to the Mythic+ dungeon pool, and the start of a new PVP Season and the opportunity to earn its associated rewards.

For many players, the release of The Emerald Dream zone is a culmination of something they’ve been waiting to see for literally decades. The iconic Druidic haunt will, much like Hyjal back in Cataclysm, be under threat by fire and other nefarious actors. With the new zone, we’ll also be grinding rep with the new Dream Warden faction. There are also new customizations to try out for both players and mounts, and lots more to explore as we race to thwart Fyrakk. There are also a wide variety of little quality of life perks to look forward to, including regular ol flying coming to the Dragon Isles.

But the fun doesn’t end on November 7! If patch 10.2 is the last major release for Dragonflight we would expect the raid to be truly epic to cap off the expansion, and Amirdrassil seems as though it’ll fit the bill. Amirdrassil — and Season 3 — will be landing the week after patch 10.2, on November 14. While you wait for both, we have a full post of everything we’re expecting to see in patch 10.2. Unfortunately, this is only making us more excited.

Originally published December 27, 2022. Updated October 16, 2023.

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