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The QueueNov 17, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: What a week, huh?

Liz, it’s Friday. But I’ve got to say, it’s been such a week that it doesn’t feel like Friday. But what is there to do but carry on? Liquid is finally doing Mythic pulls, Chef Heidi is posting dog pictures, and things are probably as good as they’re going to be. Let’s rock.


Q4tQ: “King Greymane is ready to retake his kingdom, but Gilneas isn’t as empty as expected.” Who or what do you think has been living in Gilneas? Do you think they were able to do anything about that wet dog smell permeating through all the homes?

My bet’s on Murlocs. You turn away for an instant and bang!, Murloc infestation. And once they claim their territory, they’re very tenacious about holding it, so this could be a real challenge. (Also they don’t mind the wet dog smell.)


*Going to bed* What does “customisation achievements for completionists” mean and why am I worried

I wouldn’t be worried unless you’re an achievement completionist who doesn’t have time to complete a new round of achievements. I imagine these will be about collecting and using customizations, from unique Druid forms to that golden Blood Elf eye color. Customization is practically its own gameplay category (particularly considering the time and money I spend on transmog), and achievements are highly lacking.

In short, I don’t think this will impact anyone’s gameplay, but give them the option to collect new achievements to rack up those sweet, sweet achievement points.


Q4TLiz: If you were to write one quest in WoW, what would it be? Which NPCs would it involve? Would it be globetrotting and life-altering, or would it be a small-scale thing?

WoW has plenty of overwhelming, life-threatening, world-ending events. We don’t need any more of them. If I were writing quests, I’d flesh out the world with tiny slice-of-life events… which, honestly, I think is something I’ve been liking about Dragonflight. Not every quest is life-altering. You can just go take a shift at dragon daycare or rescue some ducks. You can do a photo safari or climb mountains for the Dragonscale Expedition. You don’t have to save the world every day — and the world is bigger for having little events like this.

Also maybe we could go back in time and attend someone’s wedding. Because the invitation didn’t make it in time but clearly we would have been invited. We’re heroes of Azeroth! Of course we were invited! So let’s hit up the Bronze Dragonflight, go back in time to attend Lor’themar and Thalyssra’s wedding.

This is the ultimate quest. It has everything! You’ve got time travel, which is exciting by default, but no world-ending stakes. You have a who’s who of Azerothian celebrities in attendance, and you get to chat with all of them. You could have mini quests about arranging flowers, decorating cakes, changing seating arrangements, and the like. Think Ember Court, but with a much wider range of characters.

It would be a great opportunity to catch up with all of our favorite characters, no matter how much of a role they have in Dragonflight, and if we did something like this now it would be quite hilarious to see their takes on what’s to come now that we (being from THE FUTURE) know how things go.

But it wouldn’t be a quest chain about going back to “fix” things. You’re just going to hang out, because you’re pretty busy and you didn’t have a chance to attend when it originally happened, and come on, we all deserve a party. Everyone deserves a party.


Does this work now? If I ask questions will you see them?

What do you think of the new raid?

Do you prefer dragon riding or old mounts?

Can you make sure you signal boost the Patreon drive?

  1. Yes! Hello! I can see you! (Virtually!)
  2. I think I would probably like it if I could log in, but a bug with the latest version of MacOS running on Intel Macs is preventing WoW from launching, and I haven’t been able to play since before the patch. I’m a little worried about the state of healers with Blizzard’s “healing is too easy” design philosophy, but I haven’t been able to get any hands-on time, so it’s hard to know what things feel like now. Hopefully I’ll be able to play… soon? Maybe?
  3. I prefer old mounts. Dragonriding is quite fun and exciting, but I’m not very good at it. I frequently run into trees and lose all of my momentum, or I’m trying to go uphill (AZURE SPAN, I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU) and it takes forever. And sometimes I don’t want transportation to be a mini game where I have to pay attention and maximize vigor and speed. Sometimes I just want to get on my mount and go in a direction. Regular mounts for me, though Dragonriding is fun when I feel like doing something.
  4. Blizzard Watch has been struggling with ad revenue, and it is support from READERS LIKE YOU that makes it possible for the site to continue. I get that not everyone can support us — money is tight and things are tough for all of us. But if you can contribute on Patreon, it really helps us keep the site running.

Good questions!


inb4 we learn that Odyn is behind the site’s current difficulties

I can neither confirm nor deny this because I think an axe to the skull would be bad for my health.

And that’s all for this Friday, friends. Do ask some questions to Cory for Monday, and I hope you all have a lovely weekend to come.

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