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The QueueNov 20, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Dreaming

It’s funny, my dreams in real life are never quite this green. I guess it must be true what they say, it’s not easy dreaming green!

While I duck the rotten tomatoes that are surely headed my way, it’s time for — The Queue!


Do you feel Instant Dollars is demonstrating the ability to become a top World First guild?

Yeah, I think they obviously have the skill necessary with their current (as of Sunday evening) 4th place standing. Whether or not they want to take on the next steps necessary to truly challenge for the number one spot is another matter though.

So a quick recap for those who aren’t in the know. Instant Dollars is this Race To World Firsts guild that has snapped up the majority of the World First kills on the lesser bosses. While Echo, Method, and Liquid were doing heroic split after heroic split, Instant Dollars was in the raid getting the easier bosses down first. There are always a few kills that go to the smaller less known guilds in these races, but it’s been a while since we saw so many world-first kills go to someone who wasn’t a major contender.

So they’ve got skill, but they’ve already said that they’re going back to a more normal raiding schedule. Playing like the top guilds means taking multiple weeks off of work, and having a support/production staff around you to help take care of your more Earthly needs like food and lodging also can help.

Taking your top-performing guild and turning it into a World First contender guild is hard, just look at BDG and how they went from having their in-person broadcasts and major sponsors to not having any of that. It’s a lot of planning, coordination, and making and maintaining outside sponsor relationships to pull off — something that is not impossible, but also not going to come easily.

So yeah Instant Dollars probably could do it, but it’s a big step up from Race to World First top ten guild to a first-place contender.


If I do lfr, will the vault pull loot from just those 3 bosses?

Likely yes. I can’t say that for sure though. I know that when we start to get Mythic raid choices in our vault the Mythic option has only been from the bosses we killed to get it. So if I killed Gnarlroot and Igira on Mythic, we’d only see loot from them.

I think that LFR raiding will work the same way, but the limitations may be just applied to Mythic difficulty. I do know that you’re able to see any tier piece in those slots so you could maybe see a tier slot that dropped from a later boss.


Q4Cory: how are you enjoying the Emerald Dream patch so far? Especially since you main a Druid. What are your favorite / least favorite things about it?

It’s a pretty good patch so far! I’ve tried to not burn myself out on Dream open-world content so it stays evergreen longer, so we’ll see if that works. I do know that I don’t like how often Superblooms happen, and I don’t like how hard it is to fill up the bar for Purple purple-quality bag — but those are fairly minor complaints. It just felt like while I was working on my questing in the zone I was spending too much time doing Superbloom and not enough time hanging with my best buddy Q’onzu.

The new Druid forms are cool, but I didn’t get my new rock werebear form from the Worldboss my first try, so clearly it’s awful.

I kid, I kid.

I do wish that the new owl forms for Druids let our travel form have the Dynamic flight though. It’s unfair that all of the animations exist for it since the Mythic Fyrakk mount owl can Dynamic flight — but I can’t!


This might have been asked/answered many times….
But what are your thoughts on running dungeons with NPC’s, ala FFxiv’s trust system?
Is this a feature you’ll use, perhaps to learn tanking/healing without a ton of pressure? Will Blizzard expand this to all dungeons? Could we see a day when this gets introduced to raiding?

Clearly using generative AI to minimize the hard work that I as a tank have to put into dungeons is bad! Keep AI out of dungeons!!

It looks like a great idea honestly. There are lots of people who just never do any dungeons for any number of reasons and if giving them NPCs lets them go in and experience new content I’m all for it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually gets added to all dungeons, but I bet it’d be a long process that we see over the course of an expansion rather than The War Within hitting and all dungeons get it. More likely we’d see Shadowlands dungeons added in patch 11.1 and Battle for Azeroth dungeons in patch 11.2.

I wouldn’t say no never to it appearing in raiding, but I also think that would be a big stretch for Blizzard. There’s so much happening in each of those fights that has to be handled in very specific ways that I don’t know if they’d be able to make it feel good, and mechanically fun with 9 NPCs doing the heavy lifting.


How do you get your hair to be so lustrous

This is a trade secret, but most of the time when I wash my hair — I also use conditioner. Sometimes I even brush my hair! Don’t tell too many people.


Opinions on ending cinematic?

I missed our first Normal clear so I haven’t seen it!

I have seen a lot of people who seem to feel very strongly about it out and about on the internet though. I’m sure it’s not as bad as they want to make it seem.


I see a lot of debate about whether Xal’atath is going to survive the War Within, however the plot of Midnight is that something is attacking Quel’Thalas with the goal of twisting the Sunwell to the Void. Do you see Xal’atath as the main antagonist of the War Within or Midnight?

I bet that Xal’athath is the second raid tier final boss of The War Within. Whether that means she makes it through to kick off Midnight or if by defeating her we wind up making things worse on the road to Midnight I’m not sure. It could be both — if the shorter expansion length means we only get two raid tiers.

Today’s boopable Bacardi is one cool and relaxed cat. Just look at that chill color palette! You’ll likely have some nice luck this week to keep you cool and relaxed — because nothing says cool and relaxed like not having to worry about getting that piece of shiny loot anymore!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: When You Want Me

Have an excellent morning everyone, and if you wanted to leave questions about gardening, cooking, or classic literature — than you’d help to make Anna’s morning excellent too!

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